Checkendon CE (A) Primary School

Checkendon CE (A) Primary School

Respect, integrity, courage, compassion and hope

School Meals

From September, ‘Grow’ will be delivering a new and vibrant lunch service at our School

Fantastic Food
Freshly prepared, innovative, healthy, nutritious, seasonal, local and ethically sourced.

Wonderful People
Our team are extremely proud of the food they prepare and serve, they enjoy working with pupils and interacting with them to make lunchtimes fun.

Great Dining Experience
It’s not just the food that is important, it is the whole meal experience. Dining with friends, enjoying familiar foods, having fun and enhancing the learning experience.

Special Days
Linked to annual events, the school curriculum, food festivals and interactive learning. Our specially themed menus add excitement to the school day. Our smoothie bike is always really popular along with Fruity Friday!

Reception and Key Stage One
School meals are free for every pupil in the above category. The perfect opportunity for your child to enjoy dining with friends at no cost or inconvenience to you.

Paid School Meals
These meals are priced at £2.60 for a main course and a desert.

Winter 2023

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