Checkendon CE (A) Primary School

Checkendon CE (A) Primary School

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Parent Survey - results

Thank you so much for taking the time to reply to our parent surveys. They really do help our school change and grow.

Communication Survey

July 2022

Respondents 23

Thank you for completing the survey to share your views on our communication. It is important they we understand your views and improve our communication accordingly

90% use their mobile phone to access our newsletter weekly

The majority of people look find the news and class photos most interesting, followed by PTA and dates for the diary - from those who responded to further improve we need to give more notice for events

70% regularly read the newsletter

73% felt the right amount of information was shared

Previously, equal amounts of people followed us on Instagram and Twitter. Now Instagram has more followers - we will continue to post on both social media sites

90% regularly look at our website. From those who responded the main point of development would be to improve our calendar and next year's dates.

We are very grateful for your feedback and have already taken steps to address this - you will now find a calendar on the home page - on here we will share our dates for the year. A calendar will also be copied onto every newsletter. Please let us know if you feel this has made a positive difference to you and your family. 

September 2021

Respondents: 14

Thank you for completing the online survey to share your views on our communication. It is important that we get our communication with you correct. Learning your views is vital to this.


Results from the survey:

  • Most respondents use either a mobile device or laptop
  • Most people would like our newsletter weekly, although half of respondents had not read it for a couple of weeks
  • Everyone felt the amount of information shared was currently 'just right'
  • Half our respondents follow the school on Twitter, the other half follow Instagram - so we will continue to post on both social media site

October 2021

Respondents: 44

Thank you for completing the online survey to share your views on our school uniform. I am thrilled so many of you replied. Uniform is an important part of a school’s identity. It reinforces who we are as a community and helps allow students to feel pride in their school. It also helps prepare students for life after primary school where they may be expected to wear formal attire.


Results from the survey:

  • 60% of respondents agreed a formal school uniform should be worn, particularly as the children will not be doing active PE daily
  • 95% of parents reported there was a good variety on offer and 95% felt it was value for money, although the opportunity to purchase second hand uniform was popular
  • We also received 82% agreement in wearing indoor shoes, a point the staff also welcome.

November 2021

Respondents: 28

hank you for completing the online survey to share your views on our After School Clubs and Wrap Around Care. It is clearly a subject that is important to you. It is only with feedback that we can review our offer to you and make improvements.

Results from the survey:

  • The majority of respondents had children in reception and year 5
  • Over half of respondents wanted clubs that lasted from 3.20 to 4.30
  • £5 was about the amount people wanted to pay for this sort of club
  • A huge variety of clubs was requested with arts/crafts and sports being voted top
  • In summary: 80% of respondents wanted a better variety of clubs that would last about an hour after school, they were prepared to pay £5 for this as an enjoyable pass time for their child, rather than a child care need

We recognise this doesn't meet everyone's needs, but thank you for the time you have taken in completing the survey. We will now work on finding a greater variety of clubs to offer you in the new year.