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Checkendon CE (A) Primary School

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Silver Birch Class Blog Term 1 week 6 2023

Please remember our class residential next week Wednesday 11th. Please arrive promptly at 8:15am for registration. We then depart to the coach 8:25am to say our goodbyes to any waiting parents and leave at 8:30am. We return on Friday 13th by 3:45pm, traffic permitting. Please remember one backpack for the coach and one manageable bag to be stowed away. A packed lunch and named water bottle will be needed for Wednesday. On the coach you may read, doodle, play small games with those seated next to / near you. In Science we posed a question to investigate regarding the rate of decay on fresh produce - what observational changes we notice, as well as weighing the item. In English we completed our persuasive environmental flyers - considering a local issue like dog fouling or graffiti. In maths we found common multiples, as well as LCM for well known times tables (up to x 12). 


Next: Thursday 19th October at 3pm we will have our short termly celebration worship in the hall - parents are welcome to attend. 

Silver Birch Class Blog Term 1 Week 5 2023 

The beginning of the week saw us editing our persuasive letters on an environmental issue in English and then peer assessing our work by using our individual targets. We then completed a detailed plan in preparation for designing and creating a flyer to persuade the reader to agree with our chosen issue.  We worked collaboratively with a partner and thought carefully about which  persuasive features we would include in our flyers. 

In Maths we have focused on using multi steps to calculate answers to problem solving and reasoning questions. We have also begun work on multiples with the Year 5 working on finding multiples of 2,3,5 and 10,  and the Year 6 on finding common multiples of 2,3,4,5 and 10.

in our Learning Project , we have launched a new Science topic on Classification and Micro Organisms. Firstly we explored what classification and toxonomy meant, and discovered that animals and plants can be classified into 5 kingdoms ; Monera, Protactista, Fungi, Plantae and Animalia. We then worked with a partner to group a selection of pictures of organisms into the relevant categories according to their features. As some of the words were tricky, we worked collaboratively to create mnemonics to help secure the spelling of each word. 

 By singing a song and playing a game of Pelmanism in our French lesson this week,, we were able to consolidate our previously learnt knowledge of French greetings. 

 By using evidence in the text ,in our Guided Reading session,  we were able to draw a picture of the character Dr Kalmenius based on the description the author had used.

Silver Birch Class Blog Term 1 Week 4 2023

It is that time of year again - the BBC 500 word story competition. If children would like to participate - then please do read all about it on the link (already shared with pupils in class): Scroll down to see the video explaining / sharing ideas. If you do enter (optional), please do bring your story in to school to share with your teacher, and the class if you feel comfortable. We'll also take a photocopy to display in class and send your original back home for you to enter yourself. 

This week's Learning Project began by imagining what it was like to be a child working down the coal mines during the Industrial Revolution. We began by researching information about work conditions, types of jobs and the dangers and health risks associated with these. Using our knowledge, we then wrote  ' A Day in the Life Of ..' in the format of a diary. We then concluded our learning project by playing a 'global warming' emitters and cleansers game and drew a diagram and wrote an explanation. Finally we completed our 3 sticky facts to end our Go Green learning project. In English we have been identifying the key features of persuasive texts and have used these to create a poster to persuade people to recycle. We then looked at various persuasive texts, identified the key features, planned and wrote a persuasive letter about an issue close to our hearts and selected an audience e.g. teenagers and vaping.  Maths began by focusing on negative numbers. We practised  placing these on number lines and also used these to help calculate the difference between negative numbers. We learnt a song in French called 'Salut Ca Va?' This helped us to consolidate new vocabulary on Greetings and in particular how to ask how a person is and how to respond. We enjoyed playing a dice game which gave us the opportunity to practise our French conversation skills acquired over the past 2 lessons. In PE / Netball we looked at intercepting and had some expert peer coaching on goal shooting from our four children who attend after school netball club. Next week: Our final swimming lesson so please remember those life saving skills and pack a short or long sleeved T. Shirt and short or long bottoms, for the test. We also have our Harvest Service in church (all families welcome) at 2:30pm on 4th October - food donations gratefully accepted. 

Pupil Voice:

I now know how to write a diary entry as a child from the Victorian era.

I now understand what it might have been like to have been a Victorian child.

I enjoyed using the inverse method to solve multi-step problems in maths.

I now know how to intercept in netball.

I now have a French earwig. 

I can now write an explanation text about global warming. 

Silver Birch Class Blog Term 1 Week 3 2023

A great start to the week with lots of positive learning! In Maths we have been using various strategies to subtract large numbers, including counting on, decomposition and compact methods. We then went on to solving subtractions using mental methods as well as subtraction / find the difference in word (shopping) problems. In English, we have started to research and deepen our knowledge of our chosen environmental issue, using skills such as skim reading and scanning the text, picking out key relevant points, collating our information into note form and presenting it an organised layout. We then converted our research into a poetry plan, wrote a first draft, self and peer edited it before writing our final draft as a Big Write - assessment. Our Learning Project lessons have been focused on further developing our skills at using 6 figure grid references to locate places on a map. This was then followed by looking at natural resource distribution around the world (Gold, silver, diamonds, coal etc.). In PE we continued with netball and swimming. We held our parent and pupil information meeting about our upcoming class residential from 11th - 13th October. Please see the PDF / PPT, sample menu and kit list on the Silver Birch Class Information page - scroll down. French lessons have given us the opportunity to practise French greetings through role play.. We also learnt the importance of etiquette when greeting a person and making sure we used the appropriate formal or informal greeting in the correct situation. Next week: we are going to attend a class cross-country race with other local primary schools on Thursday 19th, so our Greener Henley visitor will now come and talk to us about our local environment on Thursday 19th November. Don't forget about our parent meetings on Tuesday 26th and Thursday 28th September 2023. 

Pupil Voice:

I now understand how to round, + or - and then adjust in maths.

I now know how to write a 'voice' poem about an environmental issue. 

I can now use different ways to greet people in French.

I really enjoyed diving to the floor of the swimming pool to collect a rubber brick, as well as swimming 5m underwater. 

I now know how to properly use an atlas. 

I have learnt a new drill in netball. 

I am excited for our class residential.

I now know how to plan, edit my plan, write a 1st draft, self and peer edit and then write a final version using my targets. 

Silver Birch Class Blog Term 1 Week 2 2023

What a super start to the week with fabulous learning taking place! In Maths we have been sharpening our skills  at rounding numbers up to 1,000,000. We then moved on to expanded column addition, as well as adding 3 or 4 numbers (5 digits) together with accuracy using a variety of mental strategies such as; doubles, near doubles, number bonds and adding from the largest to smallest numbers in a column. We are excited to get started on our new Learning Project - Go Green, all about how we can make a difference to our planet. We recapped our learning in Y2 about 2 grid references; Y4 about 4 grid references ;and moved onto end of KS2 - 6 grid reference points to locate exact positions on a map.  During our English lessons, we have launched our Poetry unit, looking specifically at those poems written about Our Green Planet. By exploring different features, we are understanding how a poet can use language, in particular figurative language, to create imagery and effect.  In our Guided Reading sessions, we have begun reading our new book by the famous author , Phillip Pullman, entitled Clockwork or All Wound Up.  In French we brainstormed any knowledge that we already knew about the country itself and have learnt some instructions that Miss Lloyd, will be using throughout our French learning. In PE we have enjoyed our 2nd swimming lesson and in netball we can use the; bounce pass, chest pass, shoulder pass and overhead pass. Next week: we will write a structured poem. In maths we will recap subtracting large numbers and in our learning project - we will look at map symbols. Our parent and pupil residential talk has been postponed from the 20th - a new date will be announced ASAP, please keep an eye out on your email. 

Pupil Voice

I can now plan a structured poem.

I enjoyed learning the 4 netball passes.

I now know what an overhead netball pass is. 

In maths I enjoyed using the expanded method to add 5 digit numbers together. 

Silver Birch Class Blog Term 1 week 1 2023

Welcome back - we are very excited to start our new school Year. Miss Lloyd will be teaching Mondays-Tuesdays and Mrs Mottram Wednesdays-Fridays. Swimming started this week, for 5 weeks. Judo will then begin in Term 2 on Thursday mornings. Please see the Silver Birch Class Information page for the autumn term curriculum letter, as well as a copy of the parent information PPT.

Here are the important diary dates:

Term 1 diary dates

    •  Return to school for pupils - Monday 5th September.

    • Class swimming starts Thursday 7th for 5 weeks.
    • Parent information meeting / welcome Friday 15th 8:50am (PPT attached).
    • Parent and pupil residential meeting Wednesday 20th 8:50am. 
    • Langtree School have their open evening on Thursday 21st September 5.30 - 8pm.
    • Gillots School have their open evening on Thursday 28th September 6-8.15pm

    • Parent meetings Tuesday 26th September Mrs Lloyd (online / in person).
    • Parent meetings Thursday 28th September Mrs Mottram (online / in person).
    • Silver Birch cross country event at Langtree 1-3:30pm. 
    • Harvest Festival Service on Wednesday 4th October at 2:30 families all welcome - at church. 
    • Class residential Wednesday 11th to Friday 13th October 2023. 
    • Henley environment group talk about our local habitat 2-3pm 19.10.23. to our class. 
    • Break up day Thursday 19th October 3:20pm, staff INSET Friday 20th. 
  • Term 2 diary dates
  • Pupil new term starts Monday 30th October 2023 8:40am. 
  • Class WWII trip to Didcot Railway Museum 22.11.23. in WWII dress-up clothing & lunch please. 
  • Anti-bullying week Monday 13th November 2023.
  • Annual Christmas book fair in the hall 8:40am and 3:20pm on Thursday 30th November and Friday 1st December 2023.  
  • WWII dress-up day, parents to visit classrooms for afternoon tea 2:50pm 13th December.
  • Whole school church service Wednesday 20th time TBC.
  • Break up day 1pm Wednesday 20th December. 
  • Monday 8th January INSET day, pupils return Tuesday 9th.

Pupil Voice:

I enjoyed returning to school. 

I can now tell someone else what a Growth Mindset is. 

I enjoyed playing the golden number game in maths using a dice. 

I can now write a recount about what I did in the summer holidays. 

I enjoyed an easy starting week back to school.