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Checkendon CE (A) Primary School

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Silver Birch Class Blog Term 1 2022 Week 6

Silver Birch carried out a science experiment in PE, monitoring a subject’s BPM before and after a 3 minute intense workout. The lowest BPM and highest were recorded and compared, as well as the mean of the increase in BPM over 4 activities.

Silver Birch Class Blog Term 1 2022 Week 5

This week we have been watching the replica blood that we made (see photos below). We have noticed that bacteria has begun to grow on our models. We know that there are about 3 parts red blood cells, to 1 part white and 10 parts platelets.  We also learnt that blood contains about 90% water and that it is approximately 7% of our body mass. In English we have begun our book called: There's a Boy in the Girls' Bathroom. We have found Bradley Chalkers such an interesting character. We have analysed him in our English and completed lots of grammar lessons. In maths we completed our + & - 2/3 step problem solving unit and began our unit on multiplication, focusing on common multiples and reasoning and problem solving using P.E.E. In science we have revised the digestive system and then looked at all 3: digestive, circulatory and cardiovascular in preparation for our science assessment next week. We also had our PGL information meeting. We had a lovely harvest service in our church this week and shared a class poem. The food we donated will be going to the Wallingford Food Bank. Next week we will continue with Bradley Chalkers, multiplication and complete our science assessment before looking at blood transfusions and organ donation. 

Pupil Voice:

I can now record and analyse BPM.

I can record science data / measure. 

I now understand what P.E.E. is.

I can now identify a range of 1st, 2nd, 3rd, (possessive) pronouns, as well as relative pronouns (who, whose, whom, that, which, when).

I now know how to make a science experiment a fair test. 

I know that the heart rate / pulse increases while you are doing intense exercise. 

Silver Birch Class Blog Term 1 2022 Week 4

We have been enjoying our PE hockey sessions. See us in action below - we have learnt how to push pass, flick pass and strike pass. We can also dribble the ball showing control and use both faces of the uni-stick to control / strike the ball. We have been learning more complex drills so that we use our hearing and sight to pass and strike the ball while on the move.  We got to read the marking from our Big Writes to see how well we had all done and what to work on next. This gave lots of us new writing targets. In maths we looked at negative numbers, by starting out thinking about the colder weather to come and how useful a thermometer is - to not going in overdraft in a bank account. This week our parents had a chance to meet with Mrs Mottram to see how we were settling in to school. We also began our new learning project about the circulatory system in science about how blood flows around our bodies. Next week we shall have an information meeting about our class residential to PGL Swindon. Please do keep the date in your diary - Wednesday 5th October at 3pm in the  Silver Birch Classroom. 

Pupil Voice: 

I can now make 'fake' blood (replica). 

I now know what blood cells are. 

I know how to identify prepositions in sentences. 

I now know the difference between red and white blood cells.

I have learnt how to use negative and positive numbers in maths. 

I now have a deeper understanding of determiners. 

I now understand where blood comes from. 

Greener Henley Exhibition and prize giving Saturday 24th September 2022

Here is our school work on display - well done to everyone! We shall enjoy displaying the shared trophy and putting up our bug hotel in the playground. Thank you to all of those who were able to make the presentation.

Silver Birch Class Blog Term 1 2022 Week 3

We are so proud to announce our  School Value Ambassadors (SVAs), Digital Leaders, Class Councillors and Young Leaders. We also awarded our first SMARTIES awards last Friday in our celebration worship for Number, Word and Self (growth mindset) achievements. We have had a great week finishing our learning project on Demanding Dilemmas: do we deserve 2nd chances? We concluded by writing a diary entry in the role of a Victorian child as part of our Big Write assessment. In maths we concentrated on addition and subtraction including, mental, decomposition and compact column methods. We even used our rounding skills from the week before, to estimate our answers. In English we continued with our dilemma stories and enjoyed a quick drama activity too, changing the end of Sam's Duck story. Next week we look forward to starting our science learning project, as well as our two parent meetings on Tuesday the 27th (in person) and Thursday 29th (online). The parent / child PGL Liddington information meeting will be held on Wednesday 5th October at 3pm in the classroom

Pupil Voice: 

I learnt that Victorian punishments were incredibly harsh towards the children.

I learnt how to use the compact + method.

I now know how to move the ball more steadily in hockey. 

Silver Birch Class Blog Term 1 2022 Week 2

Thank you to those parents who were able to make the start of year parent information meeting, for those unable too, not to worry, it is available in PPT form on the Silver Birch Class information page. The parent meeting sign-up sheets went up on Wednesday on the outer classroom door - please do sign up for an in-person on Tuesday 27th, or online meeting (Zoom) on Thursday 29th September. We enjoyed a visit from P.C. Mike Dix of the Abingdon and Oxford branch, who came and spoke to the children about communicating appropriately. This is part of our learning project (Demanding Dilemmas), where we are looking at crime and punishment in history, moral choices in PSHE and dilemma stories in English. We have a number of visitors this autumn term and it provides the children with an opportunity to consider their own future careers, which is great as part of their transition to secondary school in the future.  In English we have looked at the One-Man-Band, The Suitcase Kid, Balaclava Boys and Sam's Duck as part of stories that contain dilemmas. In history we have looked at medieval crime and punishment as well as transportation for Victorian children. In maths we have continued with our 5-7 digit numbers and looked at rounding them to the nearest 10, 100, 1000, 10 000 and some children even up to 100 000 and a million. Next: we are trying to finalise the details for our residential and will let you know as soon as we have those bits. Please don't forget that Monday 19th is now a Bank Holiday as part of the Queen's funeral. We spent most of Friday learning more about the Queen in English, as well what grief means in PSHE. We look forward to seeing your child again on Tuesday 20th. 

Pupil voice:

I now know what age you can be held responsible for break the law.

I understand that dilemma stories are where a character has a choice to make. 


This year Greener Henley, with whom the Year 5s & 6s worked last year, as well as Checkendon pupils, who entered  a Science Challenge (insect art competition),  in the summer term, have acknowledged our outstanding drawings. Greener Henley have decided to show the public that young people, like our pupils,  really understand the importance of bees and other pollinators as well as other insects that do vital jobs for our natural world.  They are displaying our work in two exhibitions.  One is at the Library in Henley for the whole of Great Big Green Week, which runs from 24th September to 2nd October.  The rest of our work will go in the Gallery at the Great Big Green Fair in Henley Market Place on Saturday 24th September from 10.00 – 4.00 .Checkendon School is one of three primary schools that the judges decided should be awarded for their submissions to the Environmental Science Challenge.   We are very pleased that the Mayor of Henley, Michelle Thomas, has agreed to present the awards at the Fair Gallery at 12 midday on the 24th. We would love to have as many families attend this presentation as possible.

Silver Birch Class Blog Term 1 2022 Week 1

How lovely for us to all be together again in our new classes with our new class name: Silver Birch. It was wonderful to welcome all of our class members in on Tuesday. This week we have focused on getting to know our learning environment, where things are to be found and our roles and responsibilities. In our learning we have focused on Growth Mindset. In maths we have set expectations for our work books and enjoyed some number lessons. Next week we will be brining home our new home learning diaries that contain the homework for the week (starting on Monday 12th); our A4 home learning books (for our English homework tasks); as well as a reading book and maths sheet. Next week we begin looking at stories with dilemmas in English, Crime and Punishment in our learning project and in maths, reading and writing 5-7 digit numbers. The autumn term parent curriculum information letter went home this week, so do look out for it. It is also downloadable on our class information page. An important date for your diaries is the parent welcome to Silver Birch annual information briefing at 8:50am on Wednesday 14th. The PPT will also be available on our class information page. 

Pupil Voice:

I can now hold a hockey stick correctly.

I better understand the difference between Growth and Fixed Mindsets.

I now know that things like Coco-Cola, matchsticks and the microwave oven, were accidental inventions.