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Checkendon CE (A) Primary School

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Silver Birch Class Blog Term 6 Week 7

What a fantastic last week of the academic year. We enjoyed completing our Year 6s day at Eycot Centre - a big thank you to our PTA for their funding to make this possible. Our Year 5s had their step-up day with the Year 4s, who will be part of our class next year. We also watched Holes, the DVD as a treat after completing the text for our guided reading. We made fabulous thank you cards for various staff members / helpers. Our end of year family worship on Wednesday, saw our Year 6s sharing their memories, as well as receiving their Leavers' Bibles in the 2pm Church Service. Our last day of the year (Thursday) ended with a blast with lots of shirt signing. Next term starts on Friday 1st September, which is a staff INSET day, and pupils return on Monday 4th. All the best to our leavers who will start their new school year at various schools - we shall miss you.

Pupil Voice: 

I am very sad to leave Checkendon Primary School.

I am excited to go to Langtree School.

I have had a great time these last 7 years with the people in my year group. 

I am excited to start a new chapter in my life.

I am excited to start something fresh. 

I really enjoyed going to Checkendon Primary School.

I am excited for September.

I am going to miss my friends who are going to other schools.

I don't want to leave Checkendon, but I have many more adventures that await me. 

I am looking forward to meeting more people next year.

I enjoyed getting people to sign my shirt and I am going to miss all my class mates. 

Silver Birch Term 6 week 6 class blog

What a fabulous week - our KS2 annual production: Cinderella Rockerfella., was incredible. A huge congratulations to all of our children for a fabulous performances this week. Please enjoy the photographs below. We also completed our PSHE Y5&6 puberty and Y6 only relationships talks. On Friday afternoon we got to enjoy an annual music concert too. We have begun our memories of primary school (Y6s) and being in Silver Birch Class (Y5s) and completed an informal recount of a visit to the Great Wall of China in English. Next week: Monday 17th Year 6 leavers' water day (Y5s with Mrs Hillier for the day). Drop off at the Eycot Centre is between 9:15 and 9:25am and collect at 2:30pm please. Tuesday 17th is our step-up morning with visits to new classes. Wednesday and Thursday, Y6s may do their 'shirt-signing' during breaks. Wednesday 19th 9am is the whole school end of year celebration worship in school with the leavers' sharing their end of school memories, our KS2 pupils singing their favourite song from the production, the class cup, sports cup and end of week SMARTYS awards. Please do come. This will then be followed by an end of year service at the church at 2pm, where the Y6s will be presented with their leavers' Bibles and the choir will perform. Families are welcome.  Year 6s may wear their leavers' hoodies in our final week, provided we don't have a heat-wave, but must have smart uniforms underneath, Tuesday to Thursday please. We break up at 1pm on Thursday 20th. 

Pupil voice: I can reflect back on the whole year I've had in Silver Birch and write a recount about it. 

I can now make origami using paper squares.

I can now make a Chinese fan.

I have enjoyed doing the production and performing to an audience. 

I have enjoyed thinking back on the year and writing my memories  

Silver Birch Class Blog Term 6 week 5

Thank you for sending in the production costumes - what a lot of effort - thank you so much. Our props have been completed this week and a huge thank you is owed to Mr and Mrs Basso, as well as Mrs Lovegrove. Of course the children have all loved making the magnificent props. We have enjoyed our annual sports day - what a great turn out and the weather was kind. A lot of fun was had by all. We have pushed with our final rehearsals at the end of the week and look forward to performing next week. In our learning project we followed a famous Chinese blogger and drew symmetrical dragon faces. We also learnt the Chinese art form of paper cutting (Kensuke), and created our own lucky red paper cuts. We made Chinese paper fans and got to learn about their significance in Chinese culture. Next week: final rehearsal on Monday morning with a performance to the school and community members in the afternoon. Tuesday our performance to our families at 1:30pm with refreshments served from 1pm by the PTA. Our final performance is on Wednesday evening at 6pm, with main face make-up children arriving at 5pm, and minor face painting by 5:30pm. Refreshments will be on sale from 5pm. Thursday will be our Year 5&6 Puberty talk followed by Year 6 only Relationships talk. We are looking forward to continuing with our Friday afternoon cricket matches. 

Pupil voice: I have enjoyed the rehearsals in the run-up to the performance.

I have enjoyed sports day and making our house banner. 

I have enjoyed making our production programme covers, as well as rehearsing. 

I have enjoyed making sure that the correct props are on stage. 

Silver Birch Class Blog Term 6 Week 4

What a delightful Monday afternoon we had with our class trip to Forest School. We used a Kelly kettle to make hot chocolate and then roasted a marshmallow over the fire. A huge thank you to Mrs Bradley for a fun afternoon. In English we completed our team non-linear quest stories and shared these. In maths we sharpened our protractor skills. In our learning project we completed our Shang Dynasty project by finding out what our names mean, and how to write it using Chinese pictograms. We continued to rehearse the production and tried hard not to have our scripts on stage. Thank you to those of you who have brought your costumes in already, Monday the 3rd is our deadline. Next week: costumes all in. Tuesday 4th Year 6s going to Langtree have their taster day. Wednesday 5th is our sports day, weather permitting. We picnic on the green at 12:15pm - please do join us and begin the track events at exactly 1pm. The back up is Thursday 6th. Our production performances are the following week. 

Pupil voice: I can now keep a fire going. 

I had fun roasting a marshmallow. 

I better understand angles and how to use a protractor. 

I have enjoyed rehearsing the play.

I now know how to write my name using Mandarin symbols. 

I now know what my name means in Chinese. 

I enjoyed writing the final draft of our non-linear quest story. 

Silver Birch Class Blog Term 6 week 3 

What glorious weather we have had! Can children please remember their sun block, sun hats and if they would like to - sun glasses. We are seeing children wear sweaters and cardigans - please do speak to your children about heat and remembering to drink lots of water. This week we had our first production music session with Mrs Davies, and she was very impressed with our progress so far. This is the final week for scripts on stage (fine by their feet at their benches) and song words on display. In maths we have completed our position and direction unit and have now begun a general shape block of learning. In English we have worked as a team (see photos) to plan our own non-linear quest story with an Ancient Chinese theme; team written chapter one and then independently written our chapter that fits into the full story, with our personal writing targets; edited independently, as well as a team; and have now begun producing a final, complete version to share with the class. In our Ancient China learning project we looked at secondary sources - photographs of artefacts, and worked out what these objects were used for. We also looked at modern day China and a typical day in the life of a primary aged pupil; comparing it to ours; and writing an explanation. We were delighted to have a drama team from The Oratory visit us and perform a touring version of Macbeth on Thursday - as part of our cultural diversity. We also had our Reading in Unusual places photographs judged and a winner from each class was announced at Friday worship, with a lovely book prize! In PE we have been practising our shuttle runs, speed bounce, long jump, baton pass and vortex throw in preparation for our field events for sports day. Our Year 5s have been discussing activities for our residential in October. Next week: Monday is Forest School, so please bring a suitable change of clothes and rain jacket just in case.  Long, light trousers are necessary as we pass lots of spikey vegetation. Learn your song and acting lines as no scripts on stage or song words (only music with singing voices) on display next week. There will be no maths home learning going forward to end this term. This is the last week of the writing home learning task.  Some dates for your diaries are: Monday 17th July, Year 6 Leavers Water Day (Year 5s with Mrs Hillier); Tuesday 18th is our new class step-up morning; Wednesday 19th is the all families Worship assembly in the hall at 9am, including class and sport cup awards; and then at 2pm, all Year 6 parents / family members are invited to the church for the Year 6 Leavers' Service. 

Pupil Voice:  I can now get a better score on my speed bounce. 

I enjoyed writing my last draft of my chapter of the team non-linear quest story.

I had the best time in Judo playing lots of games and making a human pyramid. 

I enjoyed the DT on Thursday for production props. 

I now know that the chickens are starting to chirp and cockadodaldo

Silver Birch Class Blog Term 6 Week 2

Monday started off with a great high as we enjoyed our time at Forest School in the local woods. We made wood cookies, looked for tree and animal species, climbed trees and enjoyed the mud kitchen. In English we did some drama by freeze framing various scenes in our chapter of the story with our group as part of a deepening exercise, where we really get to put ourselves in the shoes of our main character - Lin. In maths we continued with position and shape, looking at reflecting and translating shapes. We began our rehearsals in the hall too - thank you to all of you who have been rehearsing the songs and lines at home. Several of our children represented the school this week in the annual Festival of Voices and did us proud - well done everyone involved. The favourite song was: This Train. Next week: we continue with our learning project: The Shang Dynasty and production rehearsals, including a singing session with Mrs Davies and DT workshops with 3 parents supporting us in prop making. Please note some changes to the sports day date and the additional of the puberty and relationships talk to the diary dates - scroll down to Term 5 week 1. 

Pupil Voice: I can now tell a story using freeze frames. 

I enjoyed making the camera (prop) for the production.

I can now plan a non-linear story.

I enjoyed it when we rehearsed the production.

I can now translate shapes and name their coordinates. 

Silver Birch Class Blog Term 6 Week 1

Welcome back to our final term, term 6 which is 7 weeks long. The children have had a well deserved rest and are all ready and rearing to go for their final stretch. Writing is still a key focus for us with the class building to writing a non-linear story narrative over the next few weeks. We are looking forward to our annual production: Cinderella Rockerfella in week 6. Please keep the performance dates in your diary:

  • 10.7.23. Production rehearsal to whole school and community guests 1:30pm
  • 11.7.23. Production to parents 1:30pm (hall)
  • 12.7.23. Production to parents 6pm (hall) arrive 5:30 make-up (unless full face - then 5pm)

Don't forget about our other important dates (scroll down) as this is a busy term. This week in English we have begun our narrative text - The BARROW QUEST - a non-linear story. In maths we are learning about position and direction of shapes on grids (up to 4 quadrants). In PE we begin preparing for sports day with athletic skills for the next 4 weeks before returning to cricket. Our main learning theme this term is Ancient China, beginning with a history learning project. We have been thrilled this week to enjoy a talk by Flt. Lt. Richard Stokes from RAF Benson about working for the RAF, flying a helicopter and how a helicopter flies (physics). This was then followed by our Q&A STEM event on gliders, where RAF pilots and engineers answered our questions from our STEM event in Term 4.  In PSHE we completed our unit on healthy relationships and what families look like as well as stereotyping. See our false / true statements on stereotyping photographs. Next week we continue with position and direction in maths and narrative stories in English. Pupils should be learning their lines for the production and the song words.  On Monday 12th we have our first of two, forest school afternoons 1-3pm, so please come dressed in outdoor shoes and suitable clothing for woodland activities - don't forget a raincoat (just in case). 

Pupil Voice: I have now got my script and I am really excited for the upcoming play.

I have enjoyed learning about a non-linear story.

I am looking forward to learning about the Shang Dynasty. 

I enjoyed listening to how helicopter and aeroplanes fly. 

I enjoyed reading the Barrow Quest. 

I enjoyed the visit from Baz, the pilot from RAF Benson.

Silver Birch Class Blog Term 5 Week 6

Term 5 is over - how it has rushed by! This week we have worked really hard on our writing. We have finished our planning, written a first draft, edited this and then a final draft of a balanced argument on: Tourism in Snowdonia, legalising graffiti or deforestation for survival. In our geography learning project we have also planned and completed a Big Write - a descriptive piece imaging that we are climbers on Mount Everest in either a diary entry, letter home or a descriptive article in a magazine. In maths we have learnt about imperial vs. metric measures and will try to learn some of these as part of our mental arithmetic skills. We enjoyed our Pentecost Service on Wednesday, especially our May Pole dances.  See our Maypole dancing photographs below, as well as a pupil who achieved their reading jigsaw. Here are some videos links below. Video 1: Plait, Video 2 Barber's Pole and Video 3 is the Spider's Web.

Our first week back begins on Tuesday 6th for pupils (Monday 5th is staff INSET). We have Flt Lt Richard Stokes from the local Benson RAF, coming to do a KS2 class talk about flying helicopters, how they work, what equipment / kit is needed and what skills are necessary to work for the RAF or to fly helicopters. This will be followed by our final STEM event, online from 2-3pm where RAF pilots will answer the questions that we posed at the end of our Glider Stem day last term.  Our Year 6s going to Langtree will have a visit from Mrs Belcher on Friday in school, 1:30-2:30pm. 

Pupil Voice: I can problem solve in front of an audience (May Pole). 

I can write a descriptive magazine article. 

I now know how to write a balanced argument. 

I can now write a diary entry as though I am climbing Mount Everest. 

I know how to do a James Bond throw in judo. 

Silver Birch Class Blog Term 5 Week 5

SATs is behind us and we have enjoyed creating our own sketches and then paintings in the style of David Hockney. This week nine of our class members went to a Quad Kids tournament, where a long jump (for our school) and a vortex record (for the tournament)  were broken, as well as participating in a 600m run and 75m sprint.   In maths we have begun our measures unit, looking at converting length, mass and capacity. In English we have collaborated on writing a balanced argument / discussion on Snowdonia, including a clear introduction, for and against, as well as a conclusion. Today we begin to plan for writing our own balanced arguments towards a Big Write assessment next week. We also enjoyed a visit from Mrs Rowling, who spoke about her time in Nepal, helping to build a classroom for an orphanage and then her five day trek up Mount Everest - she reached 4 000m. This has really inspired us for our descriptive writing next week. We have also enjoyed researching information, verifying its authenticity and accuracy, as part of writing a class blog on mountains. We have been using our new Chrome books, which are fabulous. We are now uploading our blogs, including images, URL links for recommended reading and short video clips. Next week, we will share these on the platform and then respond to others' blogs. We will also complete our English balanced arguments on the effect of tourism on Snowdonia, or legalising graffiti or considering deforestation as necessary for human life.  We also look forward to welcoming families to the service in church on Wednesday at 1:30pm, followed by our May Pole dancing on the green. Following this, the rest of the classes will perform country dances and the PTA will be selling cake and tea back at the school. We break up at 3:20pm next Friday.  We are most excited about our auditions for our production this July - these will be held across first and second breaktimes next week. 

Pupil Voice: I can now plan for writing a balanced discussion.

I can now write a balanced argument as part of a team. 

I now know what metric (in units of 10s) units are in length, mass and capacity.

I can now complete all of my times tables up to 12. 

I can dance a May Pole routine to music (barber's pole, single platte and spider's web - the hardest!).

I now know how to copy and paste (control C & V) using a Chrome book. 

Silver Birch Class Blog Term 5 week 4

This week we have completed our GPS, reading and maths assessments (both Y5 and Y6). Congratulations to all of our Year 6s, who have worked so hard on their end of KS2 SATs. We are so proud of them all. Our learning project has been: Who is David Hockney? We have looked at landscape artists, focusing on David Hockney and considered how to make shades / hues of colour by colour mixing, using ratios. We have considered perspective, which makes images appear 3 Dimensional using lines and colour throughout the fore, mid and background. As well as this, we have looked at composition and the elements used in a painting and how the eye is drawn back to a focal point / element. Next week we begin our IT learning project on blogging, as well as continuing with our mountains learning project with a visit from Mrs Rowling about her Mount Everest expedition - using this to write a descriptive piece. In English we will further our learning about balanced arguments in our build up to a balanced argument / discussion on the uses of Snowdonia. We also begin our May Pole practice. We look forward to seeing our families at the Pentecost Service and May Pole / Country Dance in the final week of term. 

Pupil Voice: I can now complete SATs. 

I now know how to make (mix) different shades of green using yellow and blue to make green and then white / black to lighten or darken. 

I now know what David Hockney's style is and created a similar painting. 

I can now paint using the fore, mid and background. 

I now know that David Hockney's favourite colour is green.

Silver Birch Class Blog Term 5 week 3

We have been learning about gears (cogs), pulleys and levers in our science learning project this week. Here we are creating simple levers in class as well as considering the position of the fixed point (fulcrum) and how this impacts the amount of effort (push) is required to move the load (mass) up (lift). We then used all our combined knowledge to design a cable car to use on our favourite mountain side. We also had a very special Coronation rehearsal fly pass from the RAF Benson pilots. We created a large C for Charles and III to show that he will be Charles III. We completed our mock SATs using the 2022 papers under test conditions (Year 6) and completed our early summer assessments (Year 5). In our cricket unit in PE, we learnt how to catch high balls (outside), as well as stopping ground balls. A pupil set a record of 'keepie-uppies' of 200! Next week sees our actual Year 6 SATs running from Tuesday 9th to Friday 12th - please try to be at school at 8:40am. We then begin our new art learning project: Who is David Hockney and why is he important to us? This promises to create relaxing afternoons.

Pupil Voice: I can now design a potentially working cable car.

I can catch a overhead cricket ball by creating a basket with my hands, while protecting my thumbs.

I have learnt to do keepie-uppies with the flat side of a cricket bat. 

I now know how to complete and assessment under test conditions.

I can now take mind-breaks during tests.

I can know identify gears, levers, pulleys and pinions. 

Silver Birch Class Blog Term 5 week 2                                                                                                                                                                             Week two has passed in a blur, as we have been beavering away on our revision and mountains learning project. We have been out and about enjoying the weak summer sunshine and our lovely playground. We have been listening to each reader and seeing what they have been reading across the spring terms. Two pupils presented their red reading records with a huge variety of texts / genres as well as showing their hard work towards their reading jigsaws - well done.  In maths we have been through the 2019 papers and discussed how we tackle assessments where their are several different areas of maths all in one paper. In our Mighty Mountain learning project we have researched a famous mountain range or a mountain peak and made notes. We have then looked at a WAGOLL of a non-chronological report on mountains and identified the key features of a non-chronological report, and used this to agree success criteria. We then selected a personal writing target(s) and share wrote, partner wrote or independently wrote a non-chronological report, which we then edited.  We ended the week by researching key information using both text to skim and scan key facts, highlight words and phrases for our note-taking, as well as making notes from a video on the dangers of climbing Mount Everest. This was then used to make colourful, informative posters about Mount Everest in preparation for our visit from Mrs Rowling, later in the term to learn about climbing this great beast. Instead of cricket in PE, we spent Friday afternoon doing our annual Blue-Bell walk, finished with an ice-cream treat from our PTA, as part of our marble jar treat. We still enjoyed judo on Thursday morning and our Wednesday mile (run) too.  Next week: we begin our learning project on forces (gears, levers and pulleys), as we consider how cable cars work on mountainsides, as part of our science learning.

Pupil Voice:

I really liked having some sunshine outside.

I enjoyed making a poster about Mount Everest.

I know now about the dangers in climbing Mount Everest.

I learnt how to take a mind-break during a timed test.  

Silver Birch Class Blog Term 5 week 1

Welcome back everyone. The start of our summer terms and the weather has improved. We began our first learning project on Mighty Mountains - a geography unit looking at how mountains are formed; geographical vocabulary; and significant climbers who have scaled Mount Everest. We then moved onto mountains in the UK and the great mountain ranges of the great mountains of the world, using our atlas skills. In the mornings we have continued with English (GPS or reading comprehension), as well as maths. Our PE unit this term is cricket and we have learnt some of the basic rules around the game, as well as underarm and overarm throws and catches.  Year 6s may now access the 'from April onwards' SATs resources on the class information page (scroll down).  Next week: we continue with our revision and look forward to more learning about mountains around the world. 

Pupil Voice: I can better understand exam conditions. 

I now know the four major mountains of the UK: Slieve Donard, Ben Nevis, Snowdon and Scarfell Pike. 

I now know some different ways of throwing a cricket ball. 

  • Term 5 diary dates

    1.4.23. return to school

    28.4.23 Marble Jar Treat – Blue Bell walk 1:30-3pm and PTA ice-creams

    1.5.23. May Bank Holiday 

    8.5.23. King’s Day (Bank Holiday)

    9th - 12 May Tuesday to Friday SATs 8:40am arrival please

    15.5.23. begin May Pole rehearsal and annual production auditions

  •  17.5.23. Mrs Rowling to talk to us about climbing Mount Everest

  • 24.5.23. Pentecost Service 1:30pm in church followed by May Pole dance on the green, country dance and PTA cream tea sale at school

    24.5.23. Langtree parent workshops 9:30 – 11:30 (please see Langtree correspondence for further information)

    26.5.23. Break-up 3:20pm

    Term 6 diary dates

    5.6.23. INSET day – school closed to pupils

    6.6.23. return to school

    6.6.23. Flt Lt Richard Stokes class visit 10:45am then STEM glider experts live 2-3pm online (in class)

    12.6.23. Reading in unusual places competition begins (photographs)


    12.6.23. Silver Birch Class forest school 1-3:10pm (change of clothes and water bottle)

  • 13.6.23. Langtree parent workshop 6-8pm (please see Langtree correspondence for further information).

    20.6.23. Reading in unusual places entries close

    23.6.23. Winners of Reading in usual places announced (Parish Council to judge)


    26.6.23. Silver Birch Class forest school 1-3:10pm (change of clothes and water bottle)

  • 28.6.23. New beginnings (special invite only) Langtree 9:30 – 12:30) and 29.6.23.


    30.6.23. Final Teacher Assessment data to O.C.C. Year 6s end of KS2

    4.7.23. Pupil taster day at Langtree – all day


    5.7.23. Sports Day picnic 12:30-1:30 and running races only 1:30 onwards with parents (back up day 6.7.23.).

  • 10.7.23. Production rehearsal to whole school and community guests 1:30pm

    11.7.23. Production to parents 1:30pm (hall)


    11.7.23. KS2 SATs data released to teaching staff only for checking / appeals

  • 12.7.23. Production to parents 6pm (hall) arrive 5:30 make-up

    • 13.7.23. Y5/6 Puberty workshop and then Y6 Relationships workshop in class. 

    13.7.23. Langtree new parents coffee 11-12pm.

    14.7.23 Whole school music concert to parents 1:30 (60 minutes)

  • 17.7.23. Y6s only leavers’ day at EYCOT centre (drop off and collect from there) water day


    17.7.23. Langtree 6pm welcome

  • 18.7.23. Step up morning - new classes to teachers.

  • 18.7.23. 9am families welcome to our final Worship Assembly to celebrate pupils and hand out cups.

  • 18.7.23. 2pm families of Year 6 pupils welcome to attend the Year 6 Leavers Service in the church. 

    19.7.23. possible all families celebration worship 9am (class cups and sports cups)

  • 19.7.23. Y6 leavers service in church 2pm

    20.7.23. Break-up day 1pm


Silver Birch Class Blog Term 4 week 6

It has been so wonderful seeing the first signs of spring. This week we have spent our mornings doing revision and have included lots of workshop time - do ask your children what that is. In the afternoons, we have continued with our learning projects on the Ancient Greeks, finishing our Modroc wire sculptures of Olympians, as well as making papier mache Greek vases, jugs or bowls. We have painted these by mixing red, yellow and green paint to make the correct hue of brown to represent clay or bronze, as well as adding white / black to get an alternative tone. We then decorated these with black (paint / ink) figures of Olympic heroes, gods or goddess. .A team of our boys took part in a football final with the local primary schools and WON! Many congratulations, we are so proud of them all. Next: The children have worked hard this term and we are all looking forward to our Easter break. Year 5s have an Easter revision booklet (English and Maths), and our Year 6s have 10-4-10 reading, GPS and maths booklets to complete over the break. We look forward to returning to school for Term 5 of the summer terms, on Monday 17th April 2023. 

Pupil Voice: I can now make a Greek vase using papier mache. 

I really enjoyed making a wire, Modroc sculpture and then painting it to look like it had been made from clay.

I now know how to mix colours to create a 'clay' colour to use for painting.

I can now paint using an authentic Ancient Greek style. 

I know where to work on / to improve my scores during revision. 

Silver Birch class blog Term 4 week 5

Another super busy week. We completed our end of spring term assessments and held our Ancient Greece day! Thank you everyone for making the effort to dress-up and play the part. We loved our Greek day, full of activities including writing our names using the Greek alphabet, making head laurels, playing Top Trumps with Greek gods and goddesses. The food preparation was marvellous and we all enjoyed making and eating our Greek flat breads, humus and salad. Thank you to our parents for coming to enjoy the feast, as well as looking through our work books. In PE we completed our Spartan circuit training and are battle ready now. In maths we completed our geometry unit by using protractors to measure angles. In English we understood the Greek myths: Pandora's Box and Theseus and the Minotaur. A group of Silver Birch pupils took part in the county schools netball final and did very well - a dynamite team.  Next week: we begin our revision period. We also look forward to our family Easter Service on Wednesday at 2pm in the church. Parents are invited for refreshments afterwards in the school hall and children of those parents are free to leave early. On Wednesday a group of children hope to take part in a football tournament. We break up on Friday at 1pm. Our new term starts on Monday 17th April. 

Pupil voice: I can now train like a Spartan warrior. 

I now know what the Greeks used to eat for example, humus, flat bread, grapes and feta cheese.

I now know how to make flat bread. 

I can now use a knife and cut with it safely. 

I now know how to make a model out of wire and Modroc.

I now understand the story of Pandora's Box and Theseus and the Minotaur. 


Silver Birch Blog Term 4 week 4:

This week we completed our newspaper report planning about the Battle of Marathon in 490BC, either from the Greeks or Persians' perspective. We used 'stepping-it-out' (see photographs), as a way of checking our planning in preparation for writing. Next we began our unit on Pandora's Box, listening to a narrative poem  (Tommy Foolery), as well as reading a print version. We then hot seated the four main characters. Following this - we created thought / speech bubbles in order to infer what the main characters thought, said and felt. In maths we completed our unit on ratio and began a very short unit on geometry. We will complete this next week alongside our spring term assessments in maths, GPS and reading. In PE we continued as Spartans in our circuit training. A group of our pupils went to play netball against other local primary schools - well done to them they are in the finals next Tuesday! Next week: we have our Ancient Greek day on Tuesday 21st, where we will all dress up as various Greek characters, enjoy Greek activities, prepare some Greek feasts and then share them with our families at 2:50pm,alongside all of our learning this term. We look forward to welcoming you all to our classroom. 

Pupil Voice:  I can now make a Mother's Day card, and can stick a button! 

I can now figure out missing angles in geometry. 

I can see physical improvements or not, in my circuit training . 

I now understand the story of Pandora's Box. 

I now understand that all the interior angles of a triangles always equal 180 degrees.  The angles around a point always equal 360 degrees. That opposite angles around a point (bisected) are equal. 

I can now write a newspaper article about an ancient battle, in Greece.

In grammar I now understand a sentence contrast / antonym: The boy, who was normally very cheery, was distraught because his dog was lost. 

Silver Birch Blog Term 4 week 3:

This week has been full of excitement with our KS2 STEM day on the 7th, working with designs from RAF engineers in glider designs. We each created 3 designs, using the four forces and four styles of wings and tails. We then innovated, creating our own, which we tested using time over distance to calculate the speed. We then had the opportunity to enter a 'green futures' competition for a new design. Wednesday was a snowy day, which brought lots of excitement to our break times. Some of us made snow rabbits and snowmen. We completed our Greek Myth assessment writing and learnt about the Battle Of Marathon in 490 BC. We made notes of key events from the perspective of either the Greeks or the Persians. Following this we looked at newspaper articles (WAGOLLS), picking out key features to help us to plan our own recount of this event in the style of a newspaper, which we will write (cross curricular) next week. In maths we continued with algebra - cracking those codes. In PE we began our Spartan Olympic circuit training. Next week: we begin our art sculpture learning project. 

Pupil voice: I am happy that our classroom has a new monitor / screen. 

I can now make a glider that actually flys.

I now better understand how to crack codes using algebra.

I now know what the different body and tail shapes of gliders are, and how their impact on flight, for example; the Delta wings (speed) and the V tail (for balance). 

I now know what life would be like as a Spartan citizen. 

I now know the difference between an algebraic express (p3+4 = and a formula (P3+4=25 so P is 7).

I can now carve / create a snow rabbit and a snow 'Bob'. 


World Book Day 2023

We had such a lovely day with all of our children making such a super effort to dress as a favourite character and really explain why they admired or had chosen that character. They also brought in a book, often the same one as their character / costume, and recommended it to others in the class. We were also delighted to have a Dad-Who-Reads, pop in and share his book recommendations with us: Tin, Tin printed in English, Spanish and French - as well as reading to us from Roald Dahl's - The Boy. A big thank you to all of our parents and pupils for their efforts. 

Silver Birch Class Blog Term 4 week 2:

What an adventurous week we have had! On Monday we wrote our team fables, a retelling of the Rajah and the Song Bird. Our team fables are on display in the hall. On Tuesday we visited Beale Park and enjoyed a workshop on endangered species learning about the HIPPO - do ask your child to explain. Please see the photographs below. We also saw a joey in it's mother's pouch (Wallaby):

On Wednesday we learnt about endangered species in South America, the Caiman and the Harpy Eagle. We also researched conservation programmes; the cause / effect and solutions to endangered wildlife. We made notes and wrote our first draft of our non-chronological reports. On Thursday we edited and wrote our final drafts for display in the hall. Then on Friday we learnt about Land for Life and some of us created quizzes, while others created information posters - also on display in the hall. We look forward to welcoming our families into the hall after school today to see what we have been up to. Next week: we look forward to our STEM glider event on Tuesday 7th March. Our Year 6s and their parent(s), will also have an information meeting on the 7th at 3pm in the classroom. Year 5s will be dismissed in the usual way at 3:20pm from the exit door.

Pupil voice: 

This week I have been inspired to write a lot more than I have been.

In maths, I have become a lot more confident in decimals and percentages.

The various writing tasks has helped me to be proud of my writing.

I now know how to write an information poster about Land for Life.

I enjoyed seeing all the animals at Beale Park.

I now know the estimated population of the world 7,900,000,000.

I enjoyed holding a hissing cockroach and stroking a snake.

I have learnt about a new type of snake – python.

I enjoyed it when the story teller came in.

It was very special to see the baby joey come out of the mother wallaby’s pouch.

Silver Birch Class Blog Term 4 week 1:

Welcome back. We are now entering the 2nd half of our academic year. This term it is all about the Ancient Greeks. In English we have been looking at Greek myths - in particular The Trojan Horse. We have looked at various versions of this story, images produced and a narrative poem. This has led to us planning our own version of this myth for a fictional piece of writing. In maths we have continued with decimals up to 3 decimal places, moving on to comparing fractions to decimals and rounding decimals, so that we can begin % next week. In PE we will begin a short circuit training (fitness) unit. Our guided reading text this term is Holes by Louis Sachar and we are in a desert. In our learning projects we have used our knowledge, as well as some research to find out all about modern day Greece, as well as going back in time to the 3 key historical periods. We compared the city-state of Athens to Sparta.  Friday saw the start of our whole-school writing week with a visit from Sarah Hall, a story teller focusing on Aesop's Fables and oral story telling. Next week we will continue with fables, visit Beale Park and learn about endangered animals, before presenting our writing to our families next Friday in the hall at 3:20pm. Don't forget about world book day on Thursday 2nd. Please come dressed up as your favourite character, it may be an animal this year with our theme. Also bring a book that you would recommend to someone else of your age. 

Pupil Voice: I can now use my imagination in more ways (story teller).

I now know how to round decimals up or down. 

I enjoyed writing the opening to our own version of the Trojan Horse. 

I can now interpret pictures based on myths.

I have now read two different versions and listened / watched different versions. 

I am looking forward to the rest of our writing week this year. 


Silver Birch Class Important Dates Term 4 2023:

  • Sponsored read over half term (two weeks) due 24.2.23.
  • Weight & Measures Y6 only 24.2.23. during school day
  • Boys Who Read 20-24th
  • Visiting story teller 24.2.23.
  • Whole-school trip to Beale Park Tuesday 28.2.23. packed lunch, water bottle, comfortable shoes, school uniform and coat.
  • World Book Day Thursday 2.3.23. costume & a book to recommend to others in our class
  • Families to see writing display in hall Friday 3.3.23 3:20pm
  • £2 contribution towards our Greek food preparation please.
  • STEM gliders with the RAF in school all day 7th March 2023
  • Year 6 parent and pupil SATs info meeting 7.3.23. parents and pupil 3pm in SB classroom
  • Greek day – dress up and food – parents in 3pm 21.3.23. £2 contribution towards food please
  • Church Easter Service – families welcome – 29.3.23. 2pm. Can leave with a parent afterwards.
  • Break-up day Friday 31st March at 1pm.
  • Y6s SATs revision home learning 10-4-10 GPS, Reading & maths daily for 10 sessions (Monday to Friday for two weeks).

Silver Birch Class Blog Term 4 week 6:

In music, we completed our African Drumming lessons and performed to our families - it was brilliant! One of our pupils wrote an outstanding book review based on Tiger's Path - her home learning reading, and another pupil did a brilliant book review on Mary Anning. In our new learning project - what will we look like in the year 3000? we learnt how to draw the human body in proportion using ovals and facts like: our total length is approximately 7.5 x our heads; our wrists reach down to the top of our leg bone; and the bottom of our nose is half way between our eye-line and our chins! In maths we have completed our lessons on fractions and have now begun decimals - fractions - percentages. In English we have completed our text: Skellig - yippee! Some of our pupils played Boccia with other local primary schools. Our teams were the Lions and the Tigers, who came second, they were amazing. Next: Don't forget about our sponsored read over half term and the first week back. We have a busy term ahead (see dates above). 

Pupil voice: I now know how to draw a person in proportion using ovals.

I now know how to play Boccia. 

I now know how to perform a drumming piece.

I now know the potential adaptations of a human being in about a 1 000 years time. 

I can now convert fractions to decimals. 

I understand how to convert fractions to decimals, and decimals to fractions. 

Silver Birch Class Blog Term 3 week 5:

We have been looking at money in PSHE over the last 4 weeks and where money can be saved, as well as financial risks. We played games as pairs, in 4s and had £20 per team to invested in Slime Pots or Baked Goods. Baked Goods was a low risk, low return, while Slime Pots was a high risk, high return. One of our teams went bankrupt, however all the rest turned a profit. Our winning pair had £88 in the bank at the end, so a return of £68 by investing abut 50% of their initial £20, evenly across both investments - congratulations.  We have also been using the maths learning wall this week to work on maths challenges once we have finished our Mild, Hot and Spicy level questions. A pair (photo) are ordering a range of proper, mixed number and improper fractions, while another pair (photo) are answering challenges. In English we are up to chapter 25 in our text: Skellig and have investigated the symbolism of angels and completed two Big Writes; a diary entry as Michael or Mina and a short story. In Science we looked at animal adaptation in both hot climates (deserts), and cold polar regions. We then used this to help inspire us to write a short story in the 'Just So' style of how our chosen animal got its... In PE we continued to share our house invasion games and fed back the strengths and possible next steps. A group of our boys went to play football against other local primaries this week and showed our school values - we are very proud of them all. Next week is our parent meetings: online 7th and in school 8th. On the 8th we also have our African drumming performance to our families at 3pm in the hall

Pupil Voice: I can now divide a fraction by a fraction using KFC.

I can now play two other teams' invasion games.

I can multiply and divide fractions. 

I can now write a short 'Just So' story. 

I can now identify tone in a piece of writing. 

Silver Birch Class Blog Term 3 week 4

This week we enjoyed some outdoor learning by making observations of a 30 x 30cm square, of plants in various places around our school. We considered plant adaptation in rainforests and polar deserts and how they survive - we then presented these to each other after researching in two main groups. We considered wind dispersal and how plants thrive or die depending on where they land.  In PE, both blue and yellow house, finalised their house group invasion games. After testing these out, considering challenge, support and safety - we then taught other house how to play our games. In maths this week, we looked at how to add and subtract mixed number and improper fractions with common denominators and other denominators. In English we assessed the character Mina, from Skellig using PEED or PEEL. Next week, we will begin multiplying fractions (all going well), and complete a science investigation. 

Pupil Voice: I now understand how to subtract and add fractions, by finding a common denominator. 

I now know how to play the Blue and Yellow house invasion games. 

I now know how to describe a character from a novel using evidence. 

I now understand how to survey a small area to see how fertile it is. 

Silver Birch class blog Term 3 week 3:

We began this week looking at Darwin's finches and how their beaks differed depending on what their food source was on the various Galapogus islands - this is part of natural selection and adaptation. This week we have had fun investigating which animals have adapted in order to survive. We looked at hybrid dogs and used this to create our own hybrids such as; dogs, cats, wild animals, plants, fruit and vegetables. In maths we have been learning about improper fractions (top heavy), as well as mixed number fractions (a whole number and a fraction), and how to check if these are equivalent. In English we read William Blake's classical School Boy poem and used this, along with powerful verbs and adverbs, to write our own poems about Skellig and how he moves and behaves. We have continued with our African drumming, getting ready to perform to our families in the hall on Wednesday 8th at 3pm. In RE we were learning about mosques and Muslim communities. In Judo we improved our standing work and ground work.  Next week: We will continue to order and simplify fractions and play our house invasion games. We will also be looking at money: Look After It - in PSHE. 

Pupil Voice: I have learnt how to analyse a poem - School Boy by William Blake.

This week I have enjoyed learning different drum rhythms.

I further understand how to convert an improper fraction to a mixed number fraction. 

I now know how to plan and write a poem. 

Silver Birch Class Blog Term 3 week 2

What a lovely week we have had. In maths we have completed our learning on area, perimeter and volume. See the photographs of us using multilink and Denes to find the volume of irregular shapes. In English we have completed chapters 1-5 of our text: Skellig. We enjoyed analysing the text, finding key features of creating tension in a text and enjoyed lots of freeze frames and role play. See photographs of us playing the part of school children on the bus to Secondary school in order to understand how our lead character Michael, would have been feeling. On Friday we also enjoyed a trip to the Oxford Fire Station to complete our Junior Citizenship workshop, learning a lot about personal safety as part of our PSHE curriculum. In small groups we faced 8 different 'real life' incidents: online safety, train rail safety, water safety, kitchen fire safety, dark alley / county lines safety, obstacles around the home safety, dog safety and road collision safety. Each child had the opportunity to make a 999 call and select the correct service and report the incident. Next week we look forward to starting our Fractions unit in maths. 

Pupil Voice:  I learnt how to respond in different senarios for my own personal safety. 

I learnt how to create an invasion game in PE.

I learnt how to calculate volume e.g. V = L X W X H

Silver Birch Class Blog Term 3 week 1

Welcome back to school and a Happy New Year to you all. The last three days have flown by. We have begun drumming lessons, the first of six and we loved it. We have continued with area and perimeter in maths and have focused on triangles this week. In English we have begun our next text: Skellig by David Almond. In PE we continue with invasion games. We finally completed last term's class text: Cosmic - it was COSMIC! Next week we look forward to a trip to the Oxford Fire Station on the 13th, to complete our PSHE Junior Citizenship workshops (personal safety). 

Pupil Voice: I can now follow a few rhythms in drumming. 

 This week I have really enjoyed reading our next text: Skellig. 

I can now find the area of a triangle. A = (LxW) / 2  or A=1/2b x h

I can now play Jail Ball and invasion game in PE. 

Silver Birch Class - Earth Day poems

Linked to our text, Cosmic, we have considered our Earth from space, looking at the famous Earth Rise photograph. We have read various poems written about our planet and considered the awe and beauty of it, as well as the destruction being caused. We looked at the national Earth Days celebrated every 22nd April too. This inspired us to write our own Earth Day poems, considering them as a way of voicing our opinions and persuading others to appreciate our home.  Here are five outstanding examples written by class members. 

Silver Birch Class Blog Term 2 week 7 & 8:

What a blast! We have had such fun in class over the end of the autumn term. We made clay Christmas tree decorations, a short bread Christmas biscuit, which we decorated, and made paper patterns and bauble Christmas themed cards for our families. We looked at Earth Day (April 22nd, 2023) and poetry that has been inspired us to write a poem about the Earth. We then planned a poem in pairs or as a team, before writing one. This concludes our main text Cosmic and our learning on outer space. The best poems will be submitted to the Checkendon Village news and will go up on our class website too. In maths we began looking at area. We had the most amazing day at the Winchester Science Museum - please see our photographs below. In our States of Matter workshop we used: PVA glue, watered down borax and glycerol to make bouncy balls; and slime using watered down borax and PVA alcohol! These are known as Non-Newtonian fluids. Next week we have our annual Christmas church service (Monday 19th 2pm), followed by refreshments in the school hall (all welcome), and an open classroom (Silver Birch only) from 3-3:20pm. Please do try to come along and enjoy the service and see your child's autumn work.   We break up at 1pm on Tuesday 20th and look forward to welcoming our children back on Wednesday 4th January, for our third term, learning about Inheritance, evolution and adaptation (Science focus). Term four our learning will be about the Ancient Greeks (History focus - apologies for the mix up).

Pupil voice: I now better understand the States of Matter (gasses, liquids and solids). 

I can now make clay Christmas decorations. 

I now understand area and perimeter of regular composite rectilinear shapes.

I now know another invasion game: Tunnel Ball. 

I know how to make slime out of PVA alcohol and watered-down borax. 

I can now write a descriptive, persuasive poem. 

Silver Birch Class Blog Term 2 week 6:

Another busy week in Silver Birch. We complete our statistics lessons in maths with a lesson on finding the mean. In English we completed a sustained piece of writing - the next chapter in Cosmic. A great effort was made by all the children. In our learning project: Can we live on Mars in the future? we continued our research comparing Mars to Saturn for suitability. We also enjoyed our Christmas Jumper day, as well as watching Oak class nativity.  Next week we have our trip to the Winchester Science Museum on Wednesday. Please remember the class register is 8:30am and we aim to return around 3:30pm, so slightly earlier and later than normal. 


Pupil Voice:  I now know how to find the mean in a set of data. 

I now better understand how to play a few more invasion games such as Ghost.

I now better understand how to write the follow chapter in a narrative, keeping it authentic.

I now better understand how to use turn a table into a Pie Chart. 

Silver Birch Class Blog Term 2 week 5

Another busy week with writing and maths assessments, but we are done for the autumn term! In English we wrote character descriptions of a 'male figure' in our lives, based on our text Cosmic, with Liam pretending to be Florida's father, and the qualities he is working on. In maths we continued with graphs, looking at pie chart and tables. In Geography, we completed our learning about the Earth's layers and completed our Science assessment on outer space. In PSHE we considered if TV was still important to us, as a form of entertainment. Finally in PE, we  completed our outdoor tennis lessons with a doubles game using the net. This week we begin a new unit on invasion games. We also attended the book fair. Next week we begin a new learning project: Can we live on Mars in the future,? incorporating IT research and presentation skills. 

Pupil Voice: I can now play Any Direction Touch.

I now understand how to interpret Pie Charts.

I have had fun doing the assessments. 

I can now write a description of a male figure in my life. 

I now better understand how to use BODMAS.

Silver Birch Class Blog Term 2 week4 2022: 

In Science this week we began a new learning project: What is above and beneath us? We have looked at the moon in detail and created the 8 phases using Oreo biscuits (other brands are available). Mrs Rowling came in and spoke to us about space innovation and her part in the 'glove box' design. She also told us how science is involved in so many the jobs that we do, as well as how she began a scientist, inspiring some of us to consider that in our futures. In maths we looked at line graphs, drew our own, wrote questions about line graphs and interpreted them. In English we continued to read: Cosmic (guided reading) and looked at persuasive texts, did some role play to persuade a parent, as a child, to give us / let us do something that we really wanted. We then looked at celebrities and worked in pairs to research them and then persuade the class that our celebrity deserved the 'Bees Knees' award as the best celebrity - using persuasion techniques. In PSHE we considered if some jobs were more important than others and looked at the role of nurses in our society. Next week we continue with graphs, moving onto circles and pie charts. In English we will prepare and complete our 2nd Big Write for assessment this term - character description. We are also looking forward to our school, annual book fair next week and welcome parents and children on Wednesday and Thursday in the hall from 8:30am and 3:20pm. 

Pupil Voice: I better understand how to draw and interpret line graphs.

I now know that celebrities (J.K. Rowling) may use a different name professional to their birth name. 

I have now experiences playing doubles in tennis using a net. 

Silver Birch Class Blog Term 2 week3 2022:

In maths this week we continued with expanded long division and finished the unit today. Some children have been learning a slightly shorter form of the long division method and have selected this as their preference. It was anti-bullying week and we; comprehension, word search, drama scenarios, SMART online bullying, edited a text and a final quiz. Bullying is repetitive behaviour that hurts or injures someone or a group of other people. We completed a Big Write, which was a formal letter of complaint from Waterloo High's Headteacher, Mrs L Sass to Mr and Mrs Digby, about Liam's behaviour at school on his first day, from the main text this term: Cosmic. We finished our first learning project: What is out there? On our last lesson in science, we learned about the four seasons. Next week we begin statistics in maths and look forward to our new learning project: What is above and beneath us? We also welcome Mrs Rowling in on Monday, to talk to us about female scientists and space innovation.  

Pupil voice: Today we learnt how to use a variety of tennis shots.

I now know how to set out layout of a formal letter. 

I now better understand expanded long division. 

I know now how to do short, long division. 

Silver Birch Class Blog Term 2 week 2 2022:

This week we have enjoyed lots of science lessons about outer space. We explored the gravitational pull of the planets and considered how they follow their own orbit, comparing the length of Earth days / years it takes each of the 8 planets to complete a revolution around the sun. We also looked at day / night and wrote explanation texts on how this process occurs, as well as some scientific diagrams. In maths we complete multiplication and began division. In English we completed the 1st four chapters of: Cosmic, learning more about the main character Liam Digby. In PE we continued with our tennis lessons. We also enjoyed our crazy sock / tights fundraiser for our PTA fireworks this evening. Next: we look forward to gathering tonight for our annual fireworks evening at 6pm. Next week is the national anti-bullying week, so we will be covering PSHE lessons across several afternoons. We are also excited to have Mrs Claire Rowling in on the 21st, to talk about space innovation and female role models in science. She will talk about the glove box, a piece of valuable space equipment. 

Pupil voice: I have learnt how many moons Jupiter has 60 or more.  

I have learnt that Uranus takes 84 Earth years to orbit the sun. 

I now know how to do a forehand ground stroke in tennis.

I learnt how to perform a backhand stroke in tennis.  

Silver Birch Class Blog Term 2 week 1 2022:

Welcome back to our 2nd half of the autumn term. We certainly have experienced a lot of rain over the last few weeks. We have all recovered from our amazing residential (please see the photographs further down in our class blogs).  As staff, we started the week with 1st aid training. The children were welcomed back with lots of exciting new learning. In English we are going to be basing our English and guided reading on the text: Cosmic by Frank Cottrell Boyce. We have looked at the cover, blurb, other books by this author, a little history of his successes, as well as the opening news announcement. We thoroughly enjoyed our morning with local author, Sue Palmer. We worked in teams to plan for a main character, setting and story plot. Some of us went on to write our stories independently, while others wrote as pairs / teams. Please do look at Sue's website, where two of our young authors will soon have their work on show! In maths we are continuing with multiplication. Some of our children enjoyed an very wet afternoon at cross country with other local primaries.  Next week we will get stuck into our first learning project: What is out there? investigating outer space. Please do look at our autumn term curriculum newsletter (class website) for details, as well as websites suggested, that children may find enjoyable. 

Pupil Voice: I now know that there are white, pink and black holes in outer space.

I now know how much editing goes into producing a book. 

Silver Birch class residential to PGL, Liddington, Swindon Term 1 2022

We had the most marvellous time on our annual residential. Challenge course, zip wire, canoeing, night ambush, giant swing and fencing. We had delicious meals and enjoyed hanging out with our friends. Thank you to all of our parents for driving their children to and from PGL and not only helping to pack the bags, but doing all that dirty washing afterwards too. Please see the photographs below. Do enjoy your half terms and don't forget to read chapter 1 of May's Moon for your return on Tuesday 1st November 2022.  Our space and writer's workshop with Sue Palmer., takes place on Wednesday 3rd. We will share our PGL photographs with the school in worship on Friday 4th. 

Silver Birch Class Blog Term 1 2022 Week 7

Our final week of Term 1. We enjoyed a wonderful visit from Dr Tunstill (Jessie's mum), who spoke to us about the circulatory system. She also spoke about her job and what a GP does. A great future career option for those who love biology and people. See photos below of us listening to each other's heart beats (the valves opening and closing). Following this we had a visit from three Oxford Magistrates, who taught us all about their jobs and the law. We also had a drama, where some of us took on roles and a 'case' was heard by our very own class magistrates. Do ask your children about it - see photos below. We also continued with multiplication in maths, completed our class text: There's a Boy in the Girls' Bathroom and completed our big write (assessed letter writing) in English. We finally finished our Wednesday with a lesson on Black History, learning about models of people who persevered in some of the most difficult situations. People who we researched, may have been born at a time when our world was unjust and unfair to some people, because of the colour of their skin, or their gender. But they did not let that define them. Instead, they moved forwards, broke barriers and achieved their goals – often against the odds. This is something we can all learn from. Some of the people we researched: Martin Luther King, George Washington Carver, Carter G Woodson, Mary Seacole, Nelson Mandela, Rosa Parks, Alice Coachman, Barrack Obama and Bishop Wilfred Wood. Sporting stars such as Pele, FloJo and Mo Farah. We listened to some music by Ella Fitzgerald, Aretha Franklin, Bob Marley and looked into the MOBO awards. Thursday and Friday were our residential days. Please do look out for photographs from our PGL, Liddington adventure during half term.  Happy half term everyone, we look forward to welcoming you back on Tuesday 1st November for our space and writing workshop with the author Sue Palmer. 

Silver Birch Class Blog Term 1 2022 Week 6

Silver Birch carried out a science experiment in PE, monitoring a subject’s BPM before and after a 3 minute intense workout. The lowest BPM and highest were recorded and compared, as well as the mean of the increase in BPM over 4 activities.  In history, we looked at the Suffragette Movement and women’s right to the vote. We sorted statements into then and now and made comparisons. This led to pairs planning and presenting their own protest speech, based on the famous speech of Emmeline Pankhurst. In English we continue with: There's a Boy in the Girls' Bathroom and analysed the point of change in our lead character, Bradley. We then wrote a diary entry in role, linking back to our earlier unit on dilemma stories, and focused on 2 major dilemmas that he faced and compared 'good' to 'bad' outcomes. Next week is a big week. We look forward to hearing from Dr Tunstill on Monday about the circulatory system; on Tuesday a workshop with two Oxford Magistrates; doing a Big Write (assessment) letter to Bradley; and our residential on Thursday and Friday. Please don't forget to pack a pillow, sleeping bag, water bottle and torch, along with your clothing, 2 towels and toiletries. We look forward to welcoming children at PGL Liddington, Swindon from 9:30 - 10am on Thursday and departing at 1:55/2pm on Friday, followed by half term. Please do look out for the Sue Palmer Space Writing workshop letter for our first day back on Tuesday 1st November. There is a PDF of chapter one to read over half term.  Photos of the residential will be posted on our blog during half term. 

Pupil Voice:

I can now use the grid method to multiply. 

I have really enjoyed playing an energetic game of hockey.

I now understand most of the rules in a hockey match.

Silver Birch Class Blog Term 1 2022 Week 5

This week we have been watching the replica blood that we made (see photos below). We have noticed that bacteria has begun to grow on our models. We know that there are about 3 parts red blood cells, to 1 part white and 10 parts platelets.  We also learnt that blood contains about 90% water and that it is approximately 7% of our body mass. In English we have begun our book called: There's a Boy in the Girls' Bathroom. We have found Bradley Chalkers such an interesting character. We have analysed him in our English and completed lots of grammar lessons. In maths we completed our + & - 2/3 step problem solving unit and began our unit on multiplication, focusing on common multiples and reasoning and problem solving using P.E.E. In science we have revised the digestive system and then looked at all 3: digestive, circulatory and cardiovascular in preparation for our science assessment next week. We also had our PGL information meeting. We had a lovely harvest service in our church this week and shared a class poem. The food we donated will be going to the Wallingford Food Bank. Next week we will continue with Bradley Chalkers, multiplication and complete our science assessment before looking at blood transfusions and organ donation. 

Pupil Voice:

I can now record and analyse BPM.

I can record science data / measure. 

I now understand what P.E.E. is.

I can now identify a range of 1st, 2nd, 3rd, (possessive) pronouns, as well as relative pronouns (who, whose, whom, that, which, when).

I now know how to make a science experiment a fair test. 

I know that the heart rate / pulse increases while you are doing intense exercise. 

Silver Birch Class Blog Term 1 2022 Week 4

We have been enjoying our PE hockey sessions. See us in action below - we have learnt how to push pass, flick pass and strike pass. We can also dribble the ball showing control and use both faces of the uni-stick to control / strike the ball. We have been learning more complex drills so that we use our hearing and sight to pass and strike the ball while on the move.  We got to read the marking from our Big Writes to see how well we had all done and what to work on next. This gave lots of us new writing targets. In maths we looked at negative numbers, by starting out thinking about the colder weather to come and how useful a thermometer is - to not going in overdraft in a bank account. This week our parents had a chance to meet with Mrs Mottram to see how we were settling in to school. We also began our new learning project about the circulatory system in science about how blood flows around our bodies. Next week we shall have an information meeting about our class residential to PGL Swindon. Please do keep the date in your diary - Wednesday 5th October at 3pm in the  Silver Birch Classroom. 

Pupil Voice: 

I can now make 'fake' blood (replica). 

I now know what blood cells are. 

I know how to identify prepositions in sentences. 

I now know the difference between red and white blood cells.

I have learnt how to use negative and positive numbers in maths. 

I now have a deeper understanding of determiners. 

I now understand where blood comes from. 

Greener Henley Exhibition and prize giving Saturday 24th September 2022

Here is our school work on display - well done to everyone! We shall enjoy displaying the shared trophy and putting up our bug hotel in the playground. Thank you to all of those who were able to make the presentation.

Silver Birch Class Blog Term 1 2022 Week 3

We are so proud to announce our  School Value Ambassadors (SVAs), Digital Leaders, Class Councillors and Young Leaders. We also awarded our first SMARTIES awards last Friday in our celebration worship for Number, Word and Self (growth mindset) achievements. We have had a great week finishing our learning project on Demanding Dilemmas: do we deserve 2nd chances? We concluded by writing a diary entry in the role of a Victorian child as part of our Big Write assessment. In maths we concentrated on addition and subtraction including, mental, decomposition and compact column methods. We even used our rounding skills from the week before, to estimate our answers. In English we continued with our dilemma stories and enjoyed a quick drama activity too, changing the end of Sam's Duck story. Next week we look forward to starting our science learning project, as well as our two parent meetings on Tuesday the 27th (in person) and Thursday 29th (online). The parent / child PGL Liddington information meeting will be held on Wednesday 5th October at 3pm in the classroom

Pupil Voice: 

I learnt that Victorian punishments were incredibly harsh towards the children.

I learnt how to use the compact + method.

I now know how to move the ball more steadily in hockey. 

Silver Birch Class Blog Term 1 2022 Week 2

Thank you to those parents who were able to make the start of year parent information meeting, for those unable too, not to worry, it is available in PPT form on the Silver Birch Class information page. The parent meeting sign-up sheets went up on Wednesday on the outer classroom door - please do sign up for an in-person on Tuesday 27th, or online meeting (Zoom) on Thursday 29th September. We enjoyed a visit from P.C. Mike Dix of the Abingdon and Oxford branch, who came and spoke to the children about communicating appropriately. This is part of our learning project (Demanding Dilemmas), where we are looking at crime and punishment in history, moral choices in PSHE and dilemma stories in English. We have a number of visitors this autumn term and it provides the children with an opportunity to consider their own future careers, which is great as part of their transition to secondary school in the future.  In English we have looked at the One-Man-Band, The Suitcase Kid, Balaclava Boys and Sam's Duck as part of stories that contain dilemmas. In history we have looked at medieval crime and punishment as well as transportation for Victorian children. In maths we have continued with our 5-7 digit numbers and looked at rounding them to the nearest 10, 100, 1000, 10 000 and some children even up to 100 000 and a million. Next: we are trying to finalise the details for our residential and will let you know as soon as we have those bits. Please don't forget that Monday 19th is now a Bank Holiday as part of the Queen's funeral. We spent most of Friday learning more about the Queen in English, as well what grief means in PSHE. We look forward to seeing your child again on Tuesday 20th. 

Pupil voice:

I now know what age you can be held responsible for break the law.

I understand that dilemma stories are where a character has a choice to make. 


This year Greener Henley, with whom the Year 5s & 6s worked last year, as well as Checkendon pupils, who entered  a Science Challenge (insect art competition),  in the summer term, have acknowledged our outstanding drawings. Greener Henley have decided to show the public that young people, like our pupils,  really understand the importance of bees and other pollinators as well as other insects that do vital jobs for our natural world.  They are displaying our work in two exhibitions.  One is at the Library in Henley for the whole of Great Big Green Week, which runs from 24th September to 2nd October.  The rest of our work will go in the Gallery at the Great Big Green Fair in Henley Market Place on Saturday 24th September from 10.00 – 4.00 .Checkendon School is one of three primary schools that the judges decided should be awarded for their submissions to the Environmental Science Challenge.   We are very pleased that the Mayor of Henley, Michelle Thomas, has agreed to present the awards at the Fair Gallery at 12 midday on the 24th. We would love to have as many families attend this presentation as possible.

Silver Birch Class Blog Term 1 2022 Week 1

How lovely for us to all be together again in our new classes with our new class name: Silver Birch. It was wonderful to welcome all of our class members in on Tuesday. This week we have focused on getting to know our learning environment, where things are to be found and our roles and responsibilities. In our learning we have focused on Growth Mindset. In maths we have set expectations for our work books and enjoyed some number lessons. Next week we will be brining home our new home learning diaries that contain the homework for the week (starting on Monday 12th); our A4 home learning books (for our English homework tasks); as well as a reading book and maths sheet. Next week we begin looking at stories with dilemmas in English, Crime and Punishment in our learning project and in maths, reading and writing 5-7 digit numbers. The autumn term parent curriculum information letter went home this week, so do look out for it. It is also downloadable on our class information page. An important date for your diaries is the parent welcome to Silver Birch annual information briefing at 8:50am on Wednesday 14th. The PPT will also be available on our class information page. 

Pupil Voice:

I can now hold a hockey stick correctly.

I better understand the difference between Growth and Fixed Mindsets.

I now know that things like Coco-Cola, matchsticks and the microwave oven, were accidental inventions.