Checkendon CE (A) Primary School

Checkendon CE (A) Primary School

Rhino Class


Welcome to Rhino Class

Mrs Mottram (class teacher) works Monday to Friday and Mrs Walker works Monday to Wednesday mornings (TA).  


Term 2 week 1 class blog:

This week we

Next week we

Pupil Voice:

I can now make a swing.

I learnt how to identify different pond species.;

I now know how to light a camp fire.

I now know that dragonfly nymphs are really fast.

I have worked out all the positions in netball.


Term 1 & 2 autumn 2021  Rhino Class Information

Our overarching learning project is for Term 2 is World Wars (WWII)

Some useful websites for further learning at home are:



Please find attached our curriculum overview parent letter for the autumn terms (Term 1 and 2).  I am hoping or organise a visit or visitor linked to the Term 1 Go Green learning projects. Term 2 is all about World War (WWII) and if visits are permitted, then a visit to Didcot Railway Museum will be booked.  I will let you know about any visits / trips through a separate letter. If you need to get in contact, please do so via the school office by leaving a telephone message or send an email to the office email address. However the end-of-day leaving procedures may be changing (see school Covid Risk Assessment), so you may be able to have a brief chat with me directly after school on a Monday, Tuesday or Friday. 


Kind regards

Shelley Mottram

Rhino Class


Additional Rhino Class Information and Resources

Rhino Class Important Documents

Academic Year B 2021-22 overview

Residential Information

Homework Diary

Thank you for supporting your child with homework. If you would like some tips on how to do that, you may find this website useful:


Each Monday, children write the week's homework in their homework diary. Can a parent please read and sign it at the start of each week.  A maths sheet is given out each Monday for completion over the week and is to be returned by Friday. Children should set aside at least 30 minutes per day to complete their home learning, including daily spelling revision, reading and time for mental maths skills as often as possible. 

Home learning


  1. Set aside a regular time and a quiet place to do homework.
  2. Ensure access to online resources Serial Purple Mash or Phonics Play or Spellzone or Conquer Maths, as required.
  3. Ensure children understand the task before encouraging them to complete it independently and have the adequate resources e.g. paper, pencil, pen, writing target, reading record.
  4. Check completed work with your child, offering support and giving praise for effort in Growth Mindset (independence, resilience, learning from mistakes and thinking around a problem).
  5. Ensure your child completes and returns the homework on time.


Rhino Class Home Learning

Reading: daily*

Please listen to your child read and discuss the text every day, sign the reading record book, note the page number and add a brief comment. Reading is also inclusive of online reading, in which case physical books are not necessary on those home learning days.  Your child’s reading book and reading record are required in school every day.

Purple Mash Online *reading: weekly

GPS grammar, punctuation and spelling: weekly

Read the set chapter online each Monday

Online multi-choice questions

Set of questions linked to the weekly text (see above on Purple Mash) - on a sheet.

Complete on Monday afternoon.

Complete on Monday afternoon to discuss in class during early morning work on Tuesday.

Reading* Comprehension: weekly

Open the online chapter of the week on Purple Mash to support the task of opened ended & sequence questions linked to previous day’s reading on Purple Mash – on a sheet.

Complete on Tuesday afternoon to discuss in class during early morning work on Wednesday.

Writing task: weekly

Complete a 20-25 minute writing task each week on a Wednesday afternoon. Include your personal writing target in your writing – see your individual target / writing grids.

Complete on a Wednesday and hand in for green highlight marking of the personal writing target only, each Thursday morning. Homework books will be kept for marking by an adult and returned on Monday with the next week’s homework.

Maths: weekly

 Set on Monday on a sheet and / or online Conquer Maths.

Complete by Thursday afternoon.

Hand in on Friday.

Spelling: weekly

Set of new words each Friday

Spelling test each Thursday

Revise misspelt words / CEW on a Thursday afternoon.

 Complete daily revision of set spellings daily (except for Thursday when Y5/6 CEW can be revised). Test on a Thursday.


PE Kits

Break time snacks

Home-school communication

Are not required – see School 2020 Covid uniform expectations.

PE is on a Thursday and Friday afternoon.

Please provide fruit for your child’s break time snack. We do not allow snacks with non-recyclable plastic wrappers.

Appointments to see class teachers, the SENCo and head teacher can be made by contacting the school office.



Each Friday children are given a set of spelling words to learn. They should revise these across the week until their test on a Thursday. Ways of doing this are to use: Look, Say, Cover, Write and Check; using the words in meaningful sentences; or using a variety of the spelling strategies / games that we teach in school each week. Also, children have a set of Common Exception Words that they should be able to read fluently and mostly spell correctly. Please find the Year 3 and 4 and Year 5 and 6 lists attached. There is always a challenge for children who would like to add some additional words of their own each week.


Children should read 5-7 times a week and at this age, they can generally do that independently, but reading to an adult, or being read to by an adult, are very important too. We would appreciate you having 'book talk' discussions with your child in order to develop their enjoyment of reading and their comprehension and word skills. You may find this link useful in guiding you on reading for pleasure and supporting your child at home: Below are some question stems to assist you with this (Vipers KS2). If you are looking for suitable books then this website may be helpful: and


Each Monday, children are given a sheet of maths homework. This should be completed over the course of the week and be back in school for marking by Friday. This allows time for a brief maths 'workshop', where those requiring additional support with the current learning, can receive it. Children should know most of the times tables up to 12x12 by the end of Year 4. Across Year 5 and 6, children should increase their fluency of tables recall and the related division facts. Attached below is a copy of a 12 x 12 grid for you to download if it would be helpful. There are many good, free websites for children to play mental arithmetic games on. 

Subscribed Resources

Please don't forget to use SpellZone and Conquer Maths, as often as possible with your personal login in. 

Year 6 SATS Revision Resources 

Y6 - Spelling revision for SATs with parent guidance

Y6 - Grammar and Punctuation SATs revision with parent guides

Y6 - Reading comprehension & parent guidance SATs revision

Y6 - Maths reasoning quizzes for SATs revision with parent guidance

Y6 - Optional additional grammar and maths work at home from January