Checkendon CE (A) Primary School

Checkendon CE (A) Primary School

Respect, courage, integrity, compassion and hope

Welcome to Silver Birch Class - Year 5 & 6

Mrs Mottram (class teacher) works Monday to Friday and Mrs Walker works Monday to Wednesday morning.

Term 3&4  2022  Silver Birch Class Information

 Our overarching learning project for Term 3 is Science: material changes and History: Anglo-Saxons, Vikings and Scots. Term 4 is Science: electricity and light, music and whole-school writing week. We will also begin SATs revision towards the end of Term 4 and supply Easter revision materials for Year 6s only. 

Some useful websites for further learning at home during Term 3 are:

Please find attached the curriculum overview parent letter.

Curriculum Letters

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Additional Silver Birch Class Information and Resources

Help at home resources

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Homework Diary example

Thank you for supporting your child with homework. If you would like some tips on how to do that, you may find this website useful


Each Monday, children write the week's homework in their homework diary. Can a parent please read and sign it at the start of each week.  Monday: read a chapter (Purple Mash online) and complete the multi-choice quiz;  Tuesday: read the chapter again and complete the Spelling, Punctuation and Grammar task; Wednesday: complete the writing task and revise spellings, read your book if time; Thursday: complete the maths task and read your book; and Friday: revise spelling, read your book and practise your mental maths skills. There may be additional French or RE from time-to-time. Children should set aside at least 30 minutes per day to complete their home learning.

Home learning


  1. Set aside a regular time and a quiet place to do homework.
  2. Ensure access to online resources Serial Purple Mash or Phonics Play or Spellzone or Conquer Maths, as required.
  3. Ensure children understand the task before encouraging them to complete it independently and have the adequate resources e.g. paper, pencil, pen, writing target, reading record.
  4. Check completed work with your child, offering support and giving praise for effort in Growth Mindset (independence, resilience, learning from mistakes and thinking around a problem).
  5. Ensure your child completes and returns the homework on time.


Children should read every day, and it is still important, even if they are able to read by themselves, that they still read to an adult, or are read to by an adult. We would appreciate you having 'book talk' discussions with your child in order to develop their enjoyment of reading and their comprehension and word skills. You may find these links useful in guiding you on reading for pleasure and supporting your child at home: or .

Above are some question stems to assist you with this (Vipers KS2). If you are looking for suitable books then this website may be helpful:

Subscribed Resources

Please don't forget to use SpellZone and Conquer Maths, as often as possible with your personal login in. Purple Mash logins are for home learning tasks.