Checkendon CE (A) Primary School

Checkendon CE (A) Primary School

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Arrangements for Emergency Closure of the School


On rare occasions, for example during extreme weather conditions or when the school has no heating or water, the Headteacher and Chair of Governors may have to take the decision to close the school. It is school policy to keep the school open if at all possible, but there are occasions when it would not be possible to operate the school within the health and safety requirements. 

In the very unlikely event of an emergency closure during the school day, the school will contact parents via the email contact details kept in school. All children will be kept safely until collected. Please ensure, therefore, that the school has your up-to-date daytime contact details.  

In the event of an emergency closure before the start of the school day the school will notify Oxfordshire County Council and the local radio stations and will send a group email to all parents who receive the weekly newsletter. If parents need to find out whether or not the school is closed they should: 

  • Check their email
  • Look on the county public website:;
  • Listen to the announcements of the local radio stations:
      • BBC Radio Oxford – VHF/FM 95.2
      • Heart FM (Oxfordshire) – VHF/FM 102.6
      • JACK FM – VHF/FM 106.8  

Parents are advised not to call the radio stations otherwise switchboards can become jammed and prevent the radio stations receiving information from schools. Parents may attempt to call the school, but the school cannot guarantee that there will be someone in the office to man the phone. 

Our hot school meals are prepared in the kitchen at Langtree School and delivered to Checkendon in time for lunch. Langtree School may be closed on days when Checkendon School is open. We ask therefore that, if there is snow on the ground but Checkendon School is open, parents assume that hot dinners will not be delivered, cancel their lunch online and send their child with a packed lunch.