Checkendon CE (A) Primary School

Checkendon CE (A) Primary School

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Panda Class

 Panda Class is currently being taught by Mrs Hillier in the morning and Mrs Lunn in the afternoons 

Term 5 - we need to come to school dressed in our PE kit on Tuesday, Thursday and Fridays -  and don't forget a water bottle.

We need to bring our red homework book and reading journal into school every day.

Don’t forget to write all reading into the reading journal - there should be at least 5 entries in there each week. 


Children should read every day, and it is still important, even if they are able to read by themselves, that they still read to an adult, or are read to by an adult. We would appreciate you having 'book talk' discussions with your child in order to develop their enjoyment of reading and their comprehension and word skills. You may find these links useful in guiding you on reading for pleasure and supporting your child at home: or .

Above are some question stems to assist you with this (Vipers KS2). If you are looking for suitable books then this website may be helpful:



Panda Class Home Learning


Home learning should take about 20 minutes a day

Home learning will be given out on Monday and should be brought into school each day, books will be collected by Mrs Hillier on Friday 

Spellings will be given on Friday and tested the following week


Read chapter on Purple Mash 

Answer SPAG questions (online or in red book)

To be marked on Tuesday morning



Re-read Purple Mash chapter 

Answer online comprehension questions linked to the chapter 

To be discussed on Wednesday morning



Read a book of your choice

Writing task in red book, linked to Purple Mash chapter

To be marked on Thursday 


Read a book of your choice

Maths questions in red book

To be marked on Friday 



Children need to know all of their times tables up to 12x12 by the end of Year 4. Attached below is a copy of a 12 x 12 grid for you to download if it would be helpful. There are many good, free websites for children to play mental arithmetic games on, for example:

If you would like some tips on how to support your child with homework,

 is a good place to start - or pop into school and ask. 

Subscribed Resources

Please don't forget to use SpellZone and Conquer Maths, as often as possible with your personal login in. 

Panda Class information and resources

 Panda Autumn_2021_Curriculum_Newsletter.pdfDownload
 Panda Class Summer 2022 Curriculum Newsletter.pdfDownload
 Panda End_of_Year_3_EM_Writing_assessment_grid_333745764.pdfDownload
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 Panda End_of_Year_3_GD_Writing_assessment_grid_153645391.pdfDownload
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 Panda End_of_Year_4_EX_Writing_assessment_grid_307877476.pdfDownload
 Panda End_of_Year_4_GD_Writing_assessment_grid_628527913.pdfDownload
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 Panda Statutory_Spelling_List_Assessment_Grid_Year_3_4_ver_3_552260534.pdfDownload
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