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Weekly Blog Term 5 week 4

In Rhino Class this week, we enjoyed a final art lesson with Mrs Lovegrove, to finish off our Quentin Blake study. We completed our ink and pen drawings with watercolour paints. See photographs below. We have begun our Alice in Wonderland auditions and they are going well. In English we completed our biographies on Sir QB, and have begun our look at voices through the text: Voices in the Park by Anthony Browne. In maths we have enjoyed lessons on algebra looking at using letters to work out missing values, as well as a pattern. In our afternoon learning project: Which came first, the rain or the rainforest? We have learnt about the 5 major climate zones, the 6 types of biomes and the 3 types of vegetation belts. We are also beginning to learn our Maypole Dances for performing on Friday 27th at 2:45pm in the playground - families welcome. 

Pupil Voice: I can...

Weekly Blog Term 5 week 3

What a week. Our Year 5s (summer term assessments) and Year 6s (SATs) have been super stars! Our grammar, reading and maths assessments are behind us and we are cracking on with writing assessments already. We have loved our week looking at the life of Roald Dahl and Quentin Blake, building to a biography on Sir Quentin Blake, to be completed early next week. We have also explored his techniques and style and recreated a character (human / animal) based on his work with Roald Dahl, in particular Cinderella and Red Riding Hood poems from his Revolting Rhymes with the master - Mrs Lovegrove. Do see photographs below. Next week we begin our Rain Forest learning project and travel to exotic places. We are also planning a TEAMS catch-up with Ellie, who is currently in Spain. We plan to hold auditions shortly for our chosen annual class production - so lots of exciting things ahead.

Pupil Voice:  I now know how to draw in the style of QB.

I know how to handle tests in the best way possible. 

I know now how to use a dip pen and ink to draw. 

I understand how to plan a biography. 

I now know the Roald Dahl version of Little Red Riding Hood. 

I now know the similarities and differences between Roald Dahl and Quentin Blake.

Weekly Blog Term 5 week 2

Our final lead-up to our SATs has given us a very busy and productive week in school. A big well-done to all of our Rhino pupils for their hard work and revision leading up to our final summer assessments in maths, GPS and reading next week.  We have loved learning about Spain and Canada, researching data and making comparisons. This has led to us writing a BIG WRITE on our comparisons. I look forward to marking and assessing them. Please see our photographs below. Next week is the official examination week starting on Monday 9th to Thursday 12th. Monday will test GPS, Tuesday reading comprehension. Wednesday and Thursday are the three maths papers. Year 5 will mirror what year 6s are doing, but at age appropriate papers. Finally, we voted on our end of year production and the winning play is: Alice in Wonderland. Coming up: we look forward to learning about Roald Dahl and Quentin Blake in English and learning project time next week, leading to writing a BIG WRITE biography and creating a wonderful ink and pen piece of art work with our local expert, Mrs Lovegrove in an afternoon workshop.  This promises to be a wonderful learning project. 

Pupil Voice: I now know the capital city of Canada.

I now know the highest mountain points of Canada and Spain. 

I now know the seas and bays that surround Canada and Spain. 

I now know that there is an island on the west coast of Canada called Vancouver Island. 

I now know how to stay calm through exams by deep breathing. 

Weekly Blog Term 5 week 1

A busy week back to school after a good two week Easter break. Well done to our Year 6s who continued with their 10-4-10 Easter revision at home. This week we have continued with our SATs revision programme, focusing on GPS, reading and maths in the mornings and in the afternoons we have enjoyed our new learning project: Comparative Studies. We have learnt about the GMT time zones and found countries ahead and behind us. We then focused in on Spain and have looked at their physical, natural geography as well as their human geography. Finding out what natural resources they have and were they are located, their farming and manufacturing. We have also looked at population figures and where people like to retire, as well as where the longest life expectancy is. Today we look forward to a wonderful end to the week with our annual blue-bell walk in our local woods, finished off with an ice-lolly provided by our very thoughtful PTA. 

Pupil voice: I can now 

Weekly Blog: week 5

This week has seen all sorts of weathers! Nevertheless, our Year 5s enjoyed a fabulous afternoon of bell-boating (a big thank you to Mrs Thomas and Mrs Turner for their support). We have completed our PE unit on gymnastics (see our climbing frame photos); begun a learning project on cyclical patterns in music; and a learning project on policing the net (internet safety). We looked at the school ICT rules and prioritised them for our class and age. We have also held discussions about screen time; created our own well-being slogans (STOP, THINK, GO); and a child-friendly character to convey screen time safety tips. Next week our music comes together with a class performance from exotic regions. We are also looking forward to our Easter Service in church next Wednesday at 2:30pm, followed by hot-cross buns. Next Thursday (7th) we break up at 1pm for the Easter break (for children as staff have a full day of training on the 8th). 

Pupil voice: I can now use many different grips on a tennis racket.

I am more confident bell-boating.

I now understand more about Internet safety.

I can now play a xylophone. 

I now understand what a cyclic pattern is. 

I now know how to revise properly.

I know what to do / not to do in a test.

I know know the best tips for writing a test. 

Weekly Blog: Week 4                                                                                                                          This week has been super busy. We began a new science learning project all about how we see (light). Here we are making periscopes so that we can test refracted light. We also learnt how we see colours, split colours and solved a crime based on an eye-witness report on the length of the shadow cast by the suspect! We have also had a busy extra-curricular week, with some of our pupils going to a drumming workshop (they shared an amazing performance with us), netball and boccia, where a county victory was secured - congratulations. In maths we continued with finding equivalent fractions, decimals and percentages, as well as ending with finding % of amounts and a brief lesson on discounts. In English we completed Kensuke's Kingdom with a week of GPV lessons.

Pupil voice: I have better understood the rules for a netball match.

I now know how to find a % of an amount such as 1%, 25%, 10% and 50%.

I better how to increase and decrease the amount of an object using %. 

I now know how to split light in to the 7 colours of the spectrum. 

Weekly Blog: Week 3

This week we have been able to write a group / team portal story, which we displayed in the hall for parents to see. We also included portal fairy doors with a blurb about our chapter stories. Furthermore we wrote our own poems based on a magical door  and magic box poem. We also drew doors or imaginary worlds for art. In maths we learnt how to multiple fractions (n x n and d x d), as well as how to divide fractions using the KFC method. We have enjoyed the longer days and the sunshine. Today is Red Nose Day and we have come dressed in home clothes and are looking forward to the cake sale after school.

Pupil voice: I now understand how to use KFC for multiplying fractions.

I can now make a fairy door using a craft knife. 

I now know how to round decimals. 

I now know how to write a poem with repetitive opening lines. 

Oxford Story Telling Museum whole-school trip

We have had a thoroughly brilliant day in Oxford at the museum, learning about their gallery, story portals and famous Oxford authors and their inspirations!


Rhino Class thoroughly enjoyed their day. Thank you so much for your support with costumes!

Weekly Blog: Term 4 week 2

This week we have complete our science learning project: How do the lights go on and on and on? Here we are investigating circuits. In English we continued reading up to the end of Chapter 8 of Kensuke's Kingdome and wrote descriptions of Kensuke, considering his background, his relationship with Michael and his character / personality as a person. In maths we have begun looking at equivalent fractions and decimals. We are looking forward to starting our whole school writing week on Thursday 10th to Wednesday 16th, with World Book Day tomorrow and our whole school trip to the Oxford Story Telling Museum to discover more about story portals.  

Weekly Blog: Term 4 week 1

This week we have begun a new learning project in science: How do the lights go on and on and on? Here we are finding static electricity in our hair and carrying out science investigations using the 3 types of circuits: series (simple), parallel and series-parallel circuits.  In English we have continued with Kensuke's Kingdom, in maths - our fraction work and in PE with gymnastics and judo. It has taken us a few days to get back into the swing of things, but we are now up and raring to go!

Pupil Voice: I learnt that you have different types of circuits. 

I have now learnt how to make a circuit.

I have learnt that out house lights use a parallel circuit. 

I can now compare and order fractions in maths. 

I now know how to survive on a deserted islands. 

I now know how to make static electricity with my hair. 

I can now understand the electricity symbols / pictograms. 

I better how to write a set of instructions. 


Weekly Blog: term 3 Week 7

This week we enjoyed our Viking Workshop (photographs) with Stephen. We also heard the story of King Arthur and reordered the key events in a version of this story (photographs). Two of our class members have completed their reading jigsaw (photographs), showing that they read a wide variety of texts - well done!  In maths we began our unit on fractions, finding equivalent fractions and simplifying fractions. Some children spent an afternoon a Langtree for indoor sports (and came joint first), while others of us completed an IT unit called : Viking Raid on scratch. 

Pupil Voice: cc

Weekly Blog: Term 3 Week 6

Slightly different this week - we reverted to home learning on Monday and Tuesday as many of our teachers had positive Covid tests. For the rest of the week Mrs Hillier, Mrs Walker and Mrs Thomas supported us, while Mrs Mottram logged in from home. We have continued practising our balances in gymnastics and building on our sequences. We also taught the younger children how to orienteer, 

Each week our School Values Ambassadors choose an inspiration person to research and share with the school during our Celebration Collective Worship, this week’s person was their Mum.

Weekly Blog: Term 3 week 5

Another busy week with our learning on the Anglo-Saxons and the start of Vikings. Maths continued with area and perimeter and English was planning for and writing, both 1st and 2nd draft, our sequel story about the hero Beowulf as part of our narrative assessment. The children enjoyed a fabulous NewsRound presentation this week, learning all about the Magic Circle with a magic trick thrown in!

 Pupil Voice:

I can use benches and mats to perform balances.

I can now calculate the area of a triangle.

I now know how to write a sequel to a well known story (Beowulf).

I understand how to calculate the area of irregular shapes.

Weekly Blog: Term 3 week 4

Happy Burns Night to all the Scots out there. Mrs Walker brought in some of her precious items from home and explained to us what Burns Night means to her family.  In PE we have been enjoying our gymnastic lessons and have learnt how to do a pencil roll, barrel roll, teddy bear roll and finally forward roll. To challenge ourselves with our forward rolls we looked at standing without any hands, to pike and to star. We have worked really hard on our assessments this week too. We returned to normal morning lessons on Thursday: English narrative and Maths area and perimeter. We began a history learning project on Monday: Who needs a surname, learning about where the Scots actually came from and then moved onto the Vikings and Anglo-Saxons. If time take your family to visit Wantage (King Alfred the Great 849AD) and Wallingford Castle and Gardens to see where the Vikings and Anglo-Saxons settled. 

Pupil Voice:

I better understand how to calculate the perimeter of complex shapes. 

I have now read different versions of Beowulf.

I now know how to create a cartoon storyboard.

I now know how to create a short sequence: balance, jump, roll, turn and balance.

I better understand how to use a semi-colon in a long, detailed list.

I now know where the Jutes, Angles and Saxons settled in Britain. 

Weekly Blog: Term 3 week 3

This week we completed our science learning project: Who likes a fry up? which as all about States of Materials - solids, liquids and gasses. We have also worked extremely  hard on our big write - completing our Viking Newspaper report about the fierce battle between Beowulf of the Geats and Grendel of the Danes. We are really proud of our work.  We will now move onto narrative. We also completed our guided reading text: Striking Vikings. In maths we completed our learning on the 'mean' and began learning about area of shapes. 

Pupil Voice:

I have learnt how to work out the MEAN in maths. 

I now understand how to find the missing length / side on a composite shape. 

I better understand the formula for area A= LXW and perimeter P = (L+W) X 2

I know how to write a newspaper article set in the past - the Viking era. 

I now know how to work out the  area and perimeter more confidently in maths. 

We can now do a pencil, barrel and teddy bear roll in gymnastics. 

Weekly Blog: Term 3 Week 2

We have enjoyed our science learning project: Who likes a fry up? looking at the changing state of materials (solids, liquids and gasses). In English we explored newspaper texts and their key features and used this to plan a newspaper article to tell 'our version' of the saga of Beowulf and Grendel. Some chose for Beowulf to win, others that Grendel would defeat the hero and some a double tragedy with both dying in battled. We learnt how to perform various jumps in gymnastics and began forward rolls. In maths we enjoyed learning about pie charts and using tables to create these. Some of us tried our hand at compass work too. Due to the server failing we were unable to ask pupils their thoughts on the week. We are now back up and running. 

Weekly Blog: Term 3 Week 1

We have had a cold start to Term 3! We have begun our new science learning project: Who likes a fry up? Looking at material changes (solids, liquids and gasses). In English we have just begun looking at the story of Beowulf and in maths we have completed lined graphs and will now begin circumference, diameter and radius.  In PE we have started gymnastics. 

Pupil voice: I know now that some substances can dissolve in water like biocarb of soda, and some when mixed with water like sand, are reversible. 

I learnt that water and oxygen help nails to rust / corrode. Some nails are galvanised which slows down the process. 

I learnt what a Viking Kenning is e.g. a sky's jewel is a star and a mother could be a clean-carer. 

Weekly blog: Term 2 Week 7

What a busy week we are having. Thank you to all of our lovely guests who joined us on Monday afternoon to share in our WW2 song, musical accompaniment, jive, food, work sharing and our finished upcycled item. In English we wrote newspaper headlines and the opening paragraph to a VE announcement / report. In maths we enjoyed a few lessons on line graphs and began our optional, holiday homework on Conquer Maths (division and graph tasks) to embed our learning. We completed our WW2 mixed media art - with 'devastation' chalk / pastel images on black paper. We enjoying making Christmas cards and baubles for home. A big thank you and warm Christmas wishes to each of you. Stay safe. 

Pupil voice: this week  I learnt how to dance the jive.

I learnt how to make sausage rolls for our WW2 afternoon tea. 

I learnt how to write in Morse Code - I wrote a message to my family to decode. 

Weekly blog: Term 2 Week 6

This week we enjoyed our annual Christmas Panto: Jack and the Beanstalk. We have also been doing our 1940s make do and mend themed learning project: new from old, where we have used an old item of clothing / fabric to upcycle into an item such as; an apron, head scarf, pencil case, waistcoat etc. after making our own paper patterns and being helped to stitch the item with the help of some lovely parent volunteers.  We have also begun our music learning project and are rehearsing some 1940s songs to sings / play to you on our open classroom afternoon (13th December 2021 2:50pm in the hall). Don't forget to have your LFT and bring your mask.

Pupil voice: I learnt what type of music people used to listen to in the 1940s.

I learnt how to stitch two pieces of fabric together a back stitch.

Weekly blog: Term 2 Week 5

This week we wrote letters, as evacuees, to our parents. We learnt how to address an envelop and then received a surprise letter from our 'child. As 'parents' we wrote back to our child, responding to their news and requests, as well as letting them know what life has been like in London (during the Blitz), since they had been evacuated. 

Pupil voice: I better understood how to do long / expanded division with larger numbers.

I learnt how to address an envelope.

I really enjoyed receiving a letter in my tray - it was exciting to see who it was from.

Weekly blog: Term 2 Week 4

We have really been enjoying our new weekly Judo lessons on a Thursday morning. We not only keep fit, but learn important self-defence skills. We are really proud of our School Value Ambassadors, who helped take visitors on tours on our open morning. They also help lead our Friday morning worships.

Pupil Voice: Thursday are the best days ever with Judo!

The panto came to Checkendon - it was great fun!