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Checkendon CE (A) Primary School

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Panda Class Blog

Term 5 Week 3

Well done everyone! While the Year 6 completed their SATS, Year 5 have joined us. They have all worked really hard. "We got our ukeleles today - it was great fun. I can't wait to learn how to play a tune" Thank you to our generous PTA who provided enough instruments so the children could have one each. Mrs Davies is such an inspirational teacher - it won't be long until they are all playing tunes. 

We are continuing our work on the Iron Man, investigating dialogue - not using said, as well as punctuating speech correctly.

Term 5 Week 2

We have started reading The Iron Man. It's a fantastic book with rich language and lots of descriptions. One child said, "The best bit this week was when Mrs Hillier demonstrated how the Iron Man was on the brink of the cliff." I hope it was memorable and everyone will remember what 'brink' means!

Our times tables are getting faster - especially on the Ipad. 

Next week we are going to be completing some assessments to see what we have learned this term. 


Term 5 Week 1

A fun filled first week back. We enjoyed the start of our writing project, lots of drama and prediction work.

Smelly Wellies came to see us - we loved the cuddles and we thoroughly enjoyed the Bluebell Walk - such a beautiful sight walking through the woods. Thank you to the PTA for giving us a lovely lolly when we got back to school. 


Next week we are looking forward to getting speedier on our times tables!


Term 5 Week 1

I hope you all enjoyed the Easter break - I can’t wait to see you all soon … 

Our project in reading and writing is fictional stories, creating drama and capturing the readers’ interest. In maths we will be rehearsing our times tables and using them to solve problems. 

PE will be on Tuesday and Friday afternoons and we will continue to have judo on Thursday mornings. Please come to school wearing suitable uniform.


Term 4 Week 6

Last few days of a very busy term. We have finished our learning about fractions and decimals and worked on Beetle Boy. 


 We worked collaboratively with children across the school to solve some maths problems and predict who had committed an Easter themed crime - it was great fun. Each of us had to take a role within the group.

Term 4 Week 5

This week we have written, edited and presented our non chronological reports about Dragons. Everyone in the class has created their own dragon and described what they looked  like, their habitat and diet, and explained some fantastic facts. 

In maths, we have learned about fractions and decimals. To help us remember our work on fractions we enjoyed using colourful M&M sweeties. 

We are looking forward to finishing our reading book, 'Beetle Boy' and having lots of fun because it is the end of term.  

Term 4 Week 3

We have all thoroughly enjoyed Writer’s Week. At the start of the week, we completed a survey which we then reviewed at the end. Everyone felt that writer’s week helped them improve their writing and storytelling abilities. Some comments:

“I enjoyed writing a story about being transported to another world”

”I’ve enjoyed making the other world (in a shoe box)”

“I LOVED the story museum - because it’s all about stories and that’s what I like”

”I liked the planning - you don’t have to write in full sentences”

”I enjoyed talking about stories and brainstorming our ideas together. We learned something new everyday.”


We also celebrated Red Nose Day by coming in our own clothes and having a cake sale after school.

Term 4 Week 2

Today has been magical! We spent the morning inside the Storytelling Museum and this afternoon we walked around Oxford listening to stories about the famous children’s writers, Philip Pullman, CS Lewis, Lewis Carroll and JRR Tolkien. It was magical! Thank you for supporting our trip - it was great!

Celebrating World Book Day at Checkendon. We really enjoyed sharing our stories. Do come and see our work after school on Wednesday. 

Term 4 Week 1

Back from half term with great enthusiasm. Mrs Hillier is teaching us every morning and Mrs Lunn (she was Miss Watt) is teaching us in the afternoons for science, art and computing. We will have Mrs Thomas for PE. 

In writing, we are learning to write non chronological reports, so this week we have been using generalisers and looking at good examples to see what vocabulary we can magpie.

This term we are learning fractions in maths. 

Mrs Hillier will regularly listen to us read, paying attention to the mechanics of reading - decoding, fluency, intonation and expression. We will also focus on the comprehension aspects of reading:

 Vocabulary, Inference, Prediction, Explanation, Retrieval, Sequence or Summarise

We have been learning how to write a computer programme in a coding session.

Next week, we will begin our Whole School Writing Week by dressing up as book characters on Thursday and go on our whole school trip to Oxford Storytelling Museum on Friday.


Term 3 Week 4

This term in RE we have been learning about Creation Stories, from different religions. We started with Christian Creation Story,  where God created the world in 7 days, moving onto the Jewish Creation Story which is very similar. We’ve also researched the Islamic story and the Hindu Creation Story, to help us remember it we made origami lotus flowers. They were tricky to make, but by following the instructions carefully and using teamwork - we made it.