Class Hightlights

Owlet Class

Owlet Class pupils have been very busy hosting pets all week. So far we have had Ben's puppy Beaumont, Louis's cat Gruff, Persie's tortoises Dorothy and Dash, Bella's dog Bentley and we're looking forward to seeing Aurelia's cats. Children have been listening to information about the pets and asking lots of questions about how to care for them.

Owl Class

Children in Owl Class (and Mr Boyer) enjoyed comparing a sports car from 50 years ago with a modern sports car.  Thank you, Mr Ashley, for bringing in your E-type Jaguar to show us, and especially for letting us sit in it!  Since then, we have been designing, sawing, drilling and painting our wheeled vehicles. 

Panda Class

Children in Panda Class have continued their study into 'States of Matter' by taking a look at the water cycle and the different processes that happen during this cycle. They made water wheels to help them remember these different processes and have created flap books of different food chains to show the flow of energy. Other highlights have included our Easter crafts and RE day where the children have been using their knowledge of their science topic to create tasty Easter treats whilst learning about the importance of Easter in the Christian faith.

Rhino Class

Rhino Class pupils have been designing and creating exciting moon buggies this week. They thought carefully about the features that a vehicle must have to move in space and also added a few luxuries to their designs.


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