Class Highlights

Owlet Class

Children in Owlet Class really enjoyed the trip to the Cotswold Wildlife park with Owl Class. The workshop on how to care for our domestic animals was very informative and we loved walking around with the goats.  We had a train ride and managed to see the wolves, rhinos, reptiles and giraffes. Everyone did very well in the 35 plus degree heat!

Owl Class

Owl Class pupils had a fantastic time at Cotswold Wildlife Park.  Roger, our park keeper guide, answered all our questions about zebras, rhinos, giraffes and lions.  We particularly loved being able to get close to the penguins and meerkats.  It was rather hot so we had to dive for the shade whenever we could!

Panda Class

Children in Panda Class have started learning about music editing and production and have been editing their own sequences of music using 'Isle of Tune'. We will be continuing to learn more about music and how it can be used to add more emotion and feeling to our presentations. Thank you to those parents who responded to their child's letter about bedtime and we look forward to sharing some of those responses throughout this week and the next.

Rhino Class

Children in Rhino Class have drawn some fascinating pictures of railway tracks using perspective and the vanishing point. They have learned how to create an optical illusion, making it appear that the train lines are meeting.

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